The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 747

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 747 – Before Charlie was even done preparing dinner, Stephen called him to tell him that they have already bought TikTok.

Charlie turned on TikTok and he saw that the video had already been restored. Besides that, the video of the standup comedy was also the first video that would pop up on the home screen of all the TikTok users. The number of likes on the video has grown rapidly and it has already exceeded about five million likes at this time.

Charlie felt very happy and satisfied.

Did Donald really think that he would be able to use the money to remove the video from TikTok? So, was Donald dumbfounded now that he has already bought over the TikTok video platform?

This was exactly what he was aiming for!

It seemed as though the Webb family was in a really uncomfortable position now.

This video would definitely be on TikTok for a pretty long time. Even though the Webb family was very upset and distressed, they were absolutely nothing that they could do at all.

After he was done preparing dinner, Charlie put his cell phone away before he brought the dishes out of the kitchen. It was only then that he discovered that his wife, Claire was already home. Moreover, she was staring intensely at her cell phone as she sat in the living room.

At this time, Claire was not the only one staring at her cell phone. Even his father-in-law, Jacob, and his mother-in-law, Elaine were staring at their cell phones.

Elaine looked at her cell phone and she sighed as she said, “The father and son from the Lloyd family are really very bold! Who gave them the courage to speak ill and say all these things about the Webb family? Aren’t they afraid that the Webb family will send people to hunt them down and k**l them?”

Claire also had a very nervous expression on her face.

She recognized Marcus in the video.

She also knew that Don Albert was the one who carved the words ‘pathetic j**k’ on Marcus’s forehead.

All of this happened when she went to the hot springs resort with her husband, Charlie, and her best friend, Loreen. They had a conflict with Marcus in the parking lot. At that time, Don Albert suddenly appeared and he even helped Charlie to beat Marcus up severely.

After that, Charlie was also the one who asked Don Albert to engrave the words ‘pathetic j**k’ on Marcus’s forehead.

Now, in the video on TikTok, Marcus’s father’s forehead was also engraved with the words ‘father of the pathetic j**k’. Claire suddenly thought of Charlie and she could not help but have a feeling that this matter was instinctively inseparable from Charlie.

Therefore, when Claire saw Charlie coming out of the kitchen with the dishes in his hand, she hurriedly walked towards him as she asked in a low voice, “Charlie, tell me the truth. Did you have a conflict with Marcus and his father today?”

“No!” Charlie lied to Claire. “I did not see them at all!”

“Really?” Claire replied as she frowned. At this time, she suddenly recalled that she saw Jasmine picking Charlie up in her Rolls-Royce earlier today. She could not help but feel a little jealous again.

Therefore, she asked in a low voice, “Then, let me ask you something else. Why did the young lady from the Moore family come to pick you up when you left the house this morning?”

Charlie was stunned. After that, he replied in a serious tone, “She came to pick me up today because her grandfather was the one who invited me to attend his birthday banquet.”

“Is that the truth?” Claire was a little skeptical.

Charlie hurriedly replied, “Why would I lie to you? Didn’t I tell you that I have a friend who is celebrating his birthday today? My friend is none other than Lord Moore from the Moore family.”

Claire mumbled, “Then, why is Jasmine so good and respectful towards you? Why did she come to pick you up personally? She even opened the car door for you. Is she being so polite and respectful to you because she likes you?”

“Hahaha…” Charlie laughed out loud before he said, “My dear wife, don’t you know who your husband is? I am just a useless person who does not even have a job! All that I do all day is to read and check out some Feng Shui for people. Do you really think that anyone from the Moore family will be interested in someone like me? The Moore family is the top family in the whole Aurous Hill! How can I ever be worthy of the Moore family? Furthermore, I am a married man. There is no one in Aurous Hill who does not know that I am living off my wife and her family…”

Claire hurriedly said, “Charlie! Don’t put yourself down like this!”

Charlie smiled before he said, “I am not putting myself down. Isn’t this all the truth? When most people see me, the first thing that they usually say to me is to call me a piece of trash and the useless son-in-law who lives off his wife and her family. In fact, I have already gotten used to it.”

Claire replied seriously, “Anyway, no matter what anyone says, you are still my husband. You are not a piece of trash and you are not a useless son-in-law who lives off your wife!”

Charlie nodded slightly before he said, “My wife is the only person who knows how to appreciate me. In fact, I feel that you are the person who appreciates me the most in Aurous Hill!”


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