The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 745

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 745 – Donald felt as though he was about to collapse!

The helicopter was just hovering above their heads now. If Isaac would just allow the helicopter to land here, the person inside could help the father and son bring the five useless men into the helicopter with them. After that, they could take off and head back to Southaven in less than ten minutes! He would be able to bring his son home then.

However, Isaac was not even willing to give him this privilege at all!

At this time, Donald quickly begged, “Mr. Cameron, my son and I are already in a very miserable state. Please be merciful and magnanimous. Please, could you just allow the helicopter to land so that we can get on the helicopter and return to Southaven immediately? I will never forget your kindness!”

Isaac snorted coldly, “Do you think you are so close to me? Do you really think you are worthy of my mercy and kindness at all?”

After he was done speaking, Isaac waved his hand and said, “I have already said what I needed to say. As long as the helicopter lands on my territory, I will make sure that I drag the pilot of the helicopter and break his legs too! After that, I will destroy the helicopter before I break your son’s and your other leg!”

Donald felt very desperate and helpless.

He knew that Isaac had a very firm attitude and that it would be impossible for Isaac to give him any face at all.

Therefore, he could only sigh as he cried out, “Mr. Cameron, please wait for a moment. I will call the pilot immediately…”

As soon as he spoke, Donald limped to the side before calling the general aviation company to ask for the contact information of the pilot.

After receiving the call, the pilot hurriedly said, “Hello, Mr. Webb. I am already preparing to land now. Please just wait for a moment!”

Donald quickly replied, “No! You cannot land here! Shangri-La does not allow the helicopter to land here.”

After he was done speaking, Donald asked, “Is there any other place you can land your helicopter here? My son and I have injured our legs, it would be inconvenient for us to travel too far!”

“Oh…” the pilot replied helplessly. “Mr. Webb, this is the city. Aside from the courtyard in front of Shangri-La, the only other place we can land the helicopter is on the top of the Shangri-La building.”

“That will not be possible either!” Donald replied. “No matter what, you can’t land anywhere near Shangri-La.”

At this time, the pilot replied, “Well, there is an elementary school about two kilometers away. We could apply and request for an emergency landing at the elementary school’s playground. That should be the nearest location.”

“Two kilometers away?” Donald hesitated for a moment.

Both he and his son were limping as their right legs were broken. Therefore, it would be completely impossible for them to drive a car.

Wouldn’t it be a little too far for them to walk there?

Besides, they would have to drag five useless men along with them!

As he thought about this, Donald hurriedly asked, “How many people are there on the helicopter?”


Donald replied, “I will give ten thousand dollars to each of you. After landing at the elementary school, can you get some cars to come and pick us up at the Shangri-La hotel? There are seven of us here, and all of us have difficulty walking at this time.”

The other party thought for a short while before he replied, “Okay then, Mr. Webb. Please wait for a moment. We will come and pick you up as soon as we land.”

The helicopter hovered above their heads for a moment before it rose up in the air and flew away.

Donald wiped the tears off his face before he said, “Mr. Cameron, are you satisfied now?”

Isaac looked at Donald in disgust before he said, “Take your son with you and leave this place as soon as possible! Stop showing up in front of me like an annoying fly!”


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