The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 744

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 744 – Even though the Webb family also has an assets amounting to two hundred billion dollars, they did not have so much cash on hand. The amount of cash that they had on hand probably amounted to less than ten billion dollars.

A household was like a family. If a family had two million dollars’ worth of assets, it did not necessarily mean that they had two million dollars in cash. They could own a house worth one million three hundred thousand dollars, a car worth two hundred thousand dollars, and certain other miscellaneous things worth two hundred thousand dollars. Finally, they would have about two hundred thousand dollars in cash.

That way, all of their assets and cash would eventually add up to two million dollars.

Therefore, even though the Webb family had a net worth of two hundred billion dollars, they did not have that much cash on hand.

If they were to buy the TikTok video platform for eighty five billion dollars, they would have to sell almost half of their assets to do so.

However, the Wade family was different.

No one knew exactly how much asset and cash the Wade family had. In short, their purchasing power was indeed very terrifying.

They could buy over the Emgrand Group for one hundred billion dollars when they wanted to, and they could buy over TikTok for eighty five billion dollars in a blink of an eye!

Donald could not help but feel a little frightened at this time. He could not understand why the Wade family was willing to spend so much money just to deal with the Webb family. Does this mean that they were going to fight the Webb family to the end?

If this was the case, then wouldn’t the Webb family be a gone case then?

As he was panicking, Donald suddenly heard a roar from the sky.

The helicopter arranged by Lord Webb has finally arrived.

This was a heavy civilian helicopter with a large fuselage that could accommodate up to ten people. After all, this time, they did not only have to pick Donald and his son up. They also had to bring Jones and the other four bodyguards along with them to Southaven.

When Donald saw that the helicopter that was hovering above his head was descending slowly, he could not help but feel his flustered heart easing slightly.

For him, nothing was more important than going home now.

He could not wait to go home so that he could discuss and come up with a solution for this matter.

At this moment, Isaac suddenly stepped out of the Shangri-La hotel.

There were dozens of bodyguards dressed in black suits following behind him and all of them had a m*******s look on their faces.

Donald trembled for a moment when he saw this scene.

He originally thought that the Wade family might not be the one finding fault with him. Instead, he felt that Isaac was simply making his own decisions on behalf of the Wade family.

However, when he heard the news that the Wade family had bought over TikTok, Donald finally realized that Isaac was not making his own assertions or acting on his own will. Donald realized that the entire Wade family was targeting the Webb family!

This was the reason why he was so flustered! Donald quickly limped forward before he bowed his head and said, “Mr. Cameron, we are leaving immediately. We will not take too long. Please forgive me if I have offended you or the Wade family in any way. I also hope that you can help me to put in a good word in front of the Wade family. In order to express my most sincere and humble apology, the Webb family will go directly to Eastcliff to apologize to the Wade family in a few days’ time. Please ask the Wade family to be merciful and not to have any bad feelings against us…”

Donald was really scared at this time.

The Wade family was already willing to spend eighty five billion dollars to buy over TikTok, just so that they could continue posting the video to humiliate the Webb family. Donald could not help but wonder what kind of terrifying power the Wade family would use if they wanted to k**l and get rid of the Webb family!

Isaac looked at Donald with a cold expression on his face before he said contemptuously, “Do you really think that you are worthy enough to go to the Wade family directly to apologize? Why don’t you take a look at yourself in the mirror?”

Donald’s face flushed red immediately!

Indeed, he was not worthy enough to visit the Wade family at all…

At this time, Isaac yelled coldly, “Ask your helicopter to land far away from here. I do not want your helicopter to land on my Shangri-La territory. If your helicopter lands here, I will make sure that your helicopter is dismantled before I break your son and your other leg! I will make sure that the both of you crawl out of Aurous Hill at that time!”


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