The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 734

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 734 – After he was done speaking, Donald hurriedly said, “Mr. Cameron, how do you want to resolve this matter? As long as you have a solution to this matter, I will definitely do everything according to your instructions!”

Isaac had a very cold expression on his face as he glared at Donald. Isaac could not help but feel that this second generation heir of the Webb family was truly very flexible and willing to give and take. It seemed as though he had a high need to survive.

However, since he had provoked the young master of the Wade family, it was impossible for him to come out of this matter unscathed!

If it were not for the young master’s command, Isaac would have taken their lives already!

Isaac snorted coldly before he said, “I am sorry but I cannot accept your apology! I don’t think that the Wade family will accept your apology either!”

Donald held back his anger before he asked in a low voice, “Mr. Cameron, how would you propose that we resolve this matter, then?”

Isaac replied coldly, “Since the five of your men injured my men with their legs, I will break all of these five men’s legs today!”

As soon as Donald heard Isaac’s words, he nodded and agreed without any hesitation at all. “No problem! Since Mr. Cameron has already spoken up, these five men’s legs are at your disposal, and you can do as you please!”

As soon as Jones heard Donald’s reply, he collapsed to the ground as he cried out, “Donald Webb! How could you do this to us?! The five of us already lost our arms today! If our legs are broken as well, wouldn’t it be better for us to be d**d than alive? What difference would it make?”

Donald replied coldly, “You lost your arms because you were inferior and weaker than your opponent, and now, you are going to lose your legs because you have offended Mr. Cameron! You did this to yourself! You deserve it because you asked for it!”

“You…!!!” Jones roared angrily. “Donald Webb! You are a scumbag and the worst kind of b*****d! If I knew that you were this kind of person, I would have k****d you with my own b**e hands!”

Donald was very furious, and he looked at Isaac as he said, “Mr. Cameron, just look at that b*****d. It would be too kind and gracious if you simply chose to break their legs! This kind of person should just be k****d!”

Isaac laughed playfully before he said, “Yes. They were originally supposed to be k****d for their actions. However, after seeing the words that are beautifully carved on their foreheads, I cannot help but feel that the five of them have to continue living well to be worthy of the artwork on their foreheads.”

The expression on Donald’s face was very ugly at this time.

The five men’s foreheads were all engraved with words that were simply insulting the Webb family. If Isaac said that those words were actually a work of art, wasn’t he also insulting the Webb family?

However, Donald did not dare to put on a strong front in front of Isaac.

Therefore, he could only smile as he said, “Since Mr. Cameron thinks that they should be kept alive, you can just break their legs so that they can spend the rest of their lives as useless people!”

Isaac nodded lightly before he instructed his men, “Come! Break the legs of these five men for me first!”

Donald could not help but heave a huge sigh of relief at this time. He felt as though Isaac could finally calm down after venting his anger and frustration.

However, Donald could not help but feel that something was not right!

Isaac had just said that they should break the legs of those five men ‘first’!

Why did he say ‘first’?

Would there be something else after?


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