The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 720

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 720 – Four words for the first guy;

Five words for the second;

Six words for the third;

Seven words for the fourth.

Since he was the fifth one, did that mean he had to have eight words carved on his forehead?

There wasn’t enough space on his forehead for that many words!!

Jones burst into tears and pleaded while wiping his tears and snots, “Master Wade, please forgive me. I’ll be loyal to you, I’ll be your dog, I’ll follow your every demand…”

Charlie replied flatly, “You don’t have what it takes to be my dog yet, but if you continue to blabber so much nonsense, I’ll let Don Albert feed you to his dogs! I always walk the talk, dare me!”

Jones instantly shut his mouth.

He was genuinely afraid of Charlie!

He didn’t dare blurt a word after Charlie’s threat for fear that Charlie would really k**l him!

At this moment, Don Albert picked up the knife from the floor, walked to the first guy, and asked, “Master Wade, what do you want to carve first?”

Charlie thought as he said, “It has to be short and precise! Let me think…”

After pondering for a moment, Charlie exclaimed, “I know! ‘Sean Webb Dumb A*s’!”

The guy almost collapsed in tears.

If those words were carved on his face, Young Master would chop him up!

However, he didn’t dare to refute, because he had no right to, and he didn’t want to be sent to Don Albert’s dog kennel as his dogs’ food!

“Alright!” Don Albert agreed delightfully. He picked up the knife and carved the words ‘Sean Webb Dumb A*s’ on his face.

Blood drenched the man’s face, his face was full of b****y alphabets that made the rest of the men shiver in fear.

Then, Don Albert dragged the second man and asked, “Master Wade, what about this one?”

Charlie thought and smirked, “Five words, right? ‘Kian Webb loves eating s**t’ then.”

Don Albert nodded and started his artwork on the second man’s face.

At this moment, Jones realized how serious Charlie was about the number of words per person, so he quickly shouted, “Don Albert! I’m the third, I’m the third! Don’t you dare cut my line!”

Don Albert snorted disdainfully, “Where is your arrogant vibe? Why have you become so cowardly now? What’s the difference between you and the stray dog who fights to eat?”

Jones pleaded, “Don Albert, treat me as a dog then, please, just carve the words on me!”

Charlie frowned in dismay and kicked Jones to the side as he chided, “You are so rude! These guys are your brothers who have gone through thick and thin with you, how could you trick them at a crucial moment like this?”

Jones cried in agony, “Master Wade, I am a chicken, please, let Don Albert carve me first…”

Charlie shouted coldly, “Shut up! You are the last one, do you hear me?! If you blurt another word, I’ll carve a poem on your face! ‘The Road Not Taken’, do you want that?”

Don Albert laughed in amusement, “Wow, Master Wade, ‘The Road Not Taken’ is very long, I’m afraid the poem can’t fit into his face!”

Then, he recited the poem while counting the words with his fingers, “Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, And sorry I could not travel both…Wow, it’s going to fill his entire head and face…”

Charlie waved his hand indifferently. “There are so many body parts on him that you can carve— his neck, his body, or you can just tattoo his whole body with the poem. Let him know how important making a choice is!”

Jones trembled in fear and pleaded, “I’m sorry, Master Wade, I’m so sorry! You’re right, I’m the last one! I won’t say another word from now on!”


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