The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 715

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 715 – Mr. Lloyd cried in despair. When the knife touched his forehead, he wailed in pain and even struggled desperately.

Don Albert slapped him in frustration and chided, “Scream again and I’ll castrate your son!”

Upon the threat, Mr. Lloyd shivered but stayed still. He gritted his teeth, tears flowing continuously as Don Albert started carving his forehead.

Don Albert was very quick and precise. Soon, the words ‘the father of the pathetic j**k’ were carved on Mr. Lloyd’s forehead!

Mr. Lloyd’s forehead was very b****y and messy as if it had just gone through a chopping board.

Marcus was trembling in great fear as he witnessed the entire scene. His father must be feeling extremely painful and miserable as there were so many words carved on his forehead.

When the carving was complete, Mr. Lloyd sobbed and asked, “Master Wade, can you please let us go now?”

Charlie shook his head. “Do you really think that’s all?”

Then, he said to Marcus, “Come on, pathetic j**k, give me your phone.”

Marcus quickly took out his latest iPhone, unlocked the screen, and passed it to Charlie.

“Do you have TikTok?” Charlie asked.

“Yes…” Marcus nodded, scared.

Charlie searched for the app, opened it, and said to him, “Come, I want to record a stand-up comedy between you and your dad. If you do a good job, I’ll let you go. Otherwise, I’ll break your legs.”

Mr. Lloyd and Marcus hurriedly said, “Master Wade, we’ll do whatever you say, anything, please don’t k**l us…”

“Okay.” Charlie nodded. “Come, I’ll tell you your lines. Memorize it well or face a hundred slaps on the mouth if you make one mistake, are you clear?”

“Yes, yes, we’re clear!”

“Good,” Charlie smirked viciously and urged them to approach his chair and started telling them their lines.

They gaped in bewilderment afterward.

Mr. Lloyd wailed, “Master Wade, if we really say that, we’ll be on the Webb family’s wanted list once the video is posted.”

Marcus also pleaded, “Master Wade, you want us to get k****d…”

Charlie chided coldly, “What? The Webb family will k**l you and you think I won’t?”

Blood drained from their faces.

Charlie continued, “If you record the video properly as I ask you to, at least I can buy you some time to escape tonight. The Webb family may not be able to do anything to you if you escape from the South Region. Even better, if you run to another country, you may live a peaceful life forever. But if you don’t do as I say, you’ll be d**d tonight!”

Mr. Lloyd cried frantically, “But, Master Wade, we’ve spent all our life in this city. All our assets and fortunes are here. If we run tonight, we won’t be able to take our money with us!”

Charlie frowned in annoyance. “What? Do you want to bargain? Forget it, come here, don’t waste my time and give me your life now!”

Marcus grabbed his dad’s arm and said, “Dad! Nothing is more important than staying alive! We can go to Eastcliff tonight and then hop onto the earliest flight to Malaysia to find your brother! We can buy some assets there and stay there forever!”

Mr. Lloyd pondered for a while before he said, “Alright, Master Wade, we’ll do it!”


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