The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 712

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 712 – Jones was completely disabled right now. The bones of both his shoulders had been completely shattered, the flesh and tissues were smashed into puddles of mud, and if he went to the hospital right now, the only solution was amputation. He would not be able to even wipe his own a*s! It would be a living h**l!

No, he didn’t want to live like that for the rest of his life!

Marcus finally saw the bigger picture after his father’s slap and scolding. It was useless for him to keep up with his arrogant attitude towards Charlie now. A man as brawny and powerful as Jones, who had defeated Don Albert’s men like they were a bunch of lifeless dogs, went down easily in defeat.

Even if he threatened Charlie with a knife against Jacob’s throat, he was positive that Charlie could k**l him without hurting Jacob.

Hence, his father was very wise!

He knelt down with a loud thump and cried, “Master Wade, I’m sorry, please forgive me… My dad and I came here today because Sean Webb forced us to! Look at me, I’m a wimp! I wouldn’t dare make the move myself even if I borrowed courage from a lion…”

He wailed and cried loudly as he apologized to Charlie.

Charlie snorted disdainfully and said, “Hmm, it seems that you guys have a very strong desire to stay alive!”

Mr. Lloyd hurriedly said, “Yes, Master Wade, we’ve learned from our mistakes, please…”

Charlie chided coldly, “Stay on the floor! I’ll s***w your heads off if you dare move a muscle!”

Mr. Lloyd and Marcus shivered like two cowardly dogs and remained kneeling on the floor.

Charlie approached Don Albert and felt his pulse.

He knew that he was still breathing and alive, but he did lack oxygen for too long, so his body was extremely weak from the effect and suffered a great deal of damage internally.

His situation could be described as someone who had suffered from a severe brain injury. He was still alive but he might not be able to regain consciousness in three to five years or maybe even a lifetime.

Charlie couldn’t bear to watch him live like this.

After all, such a tough and loyal person like Don Albert was a rare piece of gem. He couldn’t just stand by and watch him be so miserable.

Hence, he shifted his body slightly to block the onlookers’ view, took out the Rejuvenating Pill from his pocket stealthily, and put it directly into Don Albert’s mouth.

Because it was a long-lost ancient prescription d**g, the pill melted in the mouth immediately and achieved great efficacy!

The d**g quickly transformed into a warm current and surged through Don Albert’s internal organs.

Soon, Don Albert slowly woke up from his d***g state.

Don Albert was in a deep coma due to the asphyxiation. When he suddenly regained consciousness, he opened his eyes and blinked in surprise when he saw Charlie right in front of him.

He knew that he had been on the verge of d***h just now, but he couldn’t figure out how he could wake up all of a sudden.

He exclaimed in shock, “Master Wade…what…what happened? Am…am I alive?”

Charlie nodded and said flatly, “With me around, you won’t d*e so easily.”

Don Albert was very grateful and blurted out, “Master Wade, thank you for your generous help!”

Then, he gulped and continued, “I’m sorry, Master Wade, for dragging your father-in-law into this mess…”

Charlie waved his hand. “No, it’s not your fault. Besides, he’s okay.”

Don Albert heaved a sigh of relief. Suddenly, he felt an abrupt flow of heat circulating his body. The warm flow not only healed his injuries but also made him feel energized and vitalized.

He felt that he was getting stronger with every passing second and was younger than before! His blurry vision suddenly became clear when he looked at Charlie!

Astonished, he shivered as he looked at Charlie and asked, “Master Wade, why… what’s happening inside my body right now…is it…is it the Rejuvenating…”


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