The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 711

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 711 – Jones was partially disabled now and his whole body was in such terrible pain that all courage and strength dissipated from his body completely!

He glanced at Charlie in despair and all his victims started to flash in his mind.

Would he also follow his victims’ footsteps tonight? Would he be crushed and k****d by a skillful hitman who was much stronger than he was?!

Jones was immensely terrified right now!

Indeed, he was strong, but it didn’t mean that he was not afraid to d*e.

It was the exact opposite.

The more he k****d, the more he cherished life.

He wanted to stay alive and live comfortably!

This was why he worked under the Webb family as their hitman.

He would k**l all the family’s enemies under their command and in exchange, he would receive a large sum of reward.

After living a lavish and comfortable life for so many years, he felt that life was too good to give up right now, so he could not accept the fate of d***g tonight.

He cried and begged, “Master Wade, your royal highness, sorry for underestimating you. I had no idea you were so powerful and almighty. Please, I’m just working under the Webb family and obeying their orders, please spare me!”

Charlie chided coldly, “I think you are even more hateful because you are working for them!”

Then, he stomped on Jones’s right shoulder, shattering his right arm!

Jones wailed in utter despair while Charlie said in disgust, “I can still understand for those who come to k**l me because they have real grudges with me, but you! There is nothing between you and me, but you’ve come to k**l me for the sake of money! Tell me, doesn’t that make you even more hateful than my enemies?”

“Master Wade, I’m sorry…”

Jones did not expect that a few defenses for himself would end up making Charlie more agitated. Now, both his shoulders had been shattered and his arms hung beside him like two lifeless cables that could only move and sway with his body. He was basically good-for-nothing now!

Charlie turned around, glared at the frightened Mr. Lloyd and Marcus, and huffed coldly, “Hmm, you think you’re so strong that you can bully my father-in-law, huh?”

The arrogant father and son suddenly broke out in cold sweat!

They had every reason to be afraid though. The five men that Charlie had just defeated were Sean Webb’s personal bodyguards and they were very powerful despite their young age.

Never in their dreams did they imagine that such a strong team would collapse on the floor like dummies after being beaten by Charlie single-handedly!

Marcus panicked when such an absurd scene occurred right in front of his eyes. He pressed the dagger against Jacob’s neck and threatened in a shaky voice, “Stop, Charlie, stop! Or else I’ll k**l your father-in-law right now!”

Jacob was trembling in fear and cried, “Charlie, save me, Charlie!”

Right at this moment, Mr. Lloyd suddenly raised his arm and slapped Marcus across the face.

Marcus was in a daze, blinking his eyes to get rid of the starry sight that appeared in front of him. Stunned, he covered his face and asked, “Dad, why did you slap me?!”

Mr. Lloyd growled angrily, “You stupid b*****d, how dare you point the dagger at Master Wade’s father-in-law’s neck?! Kneel down right now!”

Then, he turned around, knelt on the floor with a loud thump, and shouted, tears covering his face, “Master Wade, I was just getting orders from Donald and Sean Webb to k**l Don Albert and they will help me take his place! They also ordered me to k**l you to seek revenge for his son! Sorry, I wasn’t thinking straight at the time! Please, I beg you, please forgive me!”

Marcus was not the sharpest tool in the shed, but Mr. Lloyd was.

He knew very well that Charlie had the absolute upper hand in the current situation, so if he still chose to come face-to-face with Charlie now, it would be digging his own grave!

Of course, he wanted to take Don Albert’s place very badly but he had to stay alive in order to sit in his place! So, nothing mattered to him anymore—the Webb family, the number one family in the South Region, the king of the underworld, none of it mattress as long as he could survive!

Otherwise, even if Charlie relented and decided to let him go, he would end up like Jones.


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