The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 706

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 706 – Jacob was shaking in fright. He urged David as he saw him standing frozen and hesitant, “David, go! If they really a****k you, I don’t know how and what to say to your family!”

Jones shouted coldly, “If you don’t want to go, just stay.”

David gritted his teeth in agony. After a short hesitant, he turned around and ran out of the suite.

Jacob was completely in despair right now, but he was fortunate that Don Albert was here with him, so he prayed that Don Albert could handle the tricky situation.

Little did he know that Don Albert was powerless at this moment.

If his men were around, they would have barged into the room when these people made such a loud commotion in the Diamond Suite. Since no one had come over, it proved that they had been seriously and fatally injured as stated by these people.

Mr. Lloyd glared at Don Albert in resentment and growled, “Don Albert Rhodes, today is your day to d*e!”

Then, he turned and said respectfully to Jones, “Mr. Jones, please!”

Jones nodded, took a step forward, and said, “Don Albert Rhodes, prepare to d*e!”

Don Albert had been quite skillful in martial arts when he was young, so he didn’t back down and surrender. Instead, he propped himself up in a stance and said coldly, “If you want me d**d, let’s see if you’re up to the challenge!”

Jones grinned like the evil antagonist in a movie and muttered, “You’re nothing but an worthless ant in my eyes!”

Then, he strode directly towards Don Albert.

Looking solemn and serious, Don Albert knew that he couldn’t give in right now, so he hurled a punch towards Jones.

Jones sneered and grabbed his fist to meet Don Albert’s punch.

But when the two fists collided, Don Albert felt as if his body had been hit by a boulder. With a loud puff, he felt an extremely strong force hitting his body. He couldn’t resist it and immediately flew out and collapsed to the floor.

Don Albert’s expression changed suddenly as he lay on the ground. He was in disbelief! This man was really abnormal! His power overwhelmed him on multiple levels!

Marcus blinked and watched the scene in excitement, his heart thumping vigorously!

Mr. Lloyd was even more thrilled!

The one who had fallen to the ground was the king of Aurous Hill’s underworld!

But after tonight, he would replace him!

And he would become a d**d corpse!

Mr. Lloyd sneered as his imagination ran wild and shouted, “Don Albert, aren’t you very arrogant and awesome? Now you know that there will always be someone better than you, huh?”

Then, he walked up to Don Albert and sneered, “Before you d*e, I’ll let you know how humiliation feels like!”

He hurriedly demanded, “Mr. Jones, please hold him up. I want to carve the words ‘pathetic j**k’ on his forehead to avenge my son!”

Jones replied coldly, “I’m here to k**l him, not to take your demands. If you want to do it so badly, wait until I k**l him!”

“Then he won’t be able to feel the pain of humiliation before he dies!”

Jones glared at him in dismay. “The Wilson guy over there, you can do whatever you want to him, but I have to k**l Don Albert Rhodes first!”

Without hesitation, Jones grabbed Don Albert’s neck with one hand, and lifted him up against the wall, his legs hanging in the air!

Jones increased his strength just a little bit and Don Albert suddenly felt a sharp pain in his neck and was completely out of breath. It felt more painful and awful than hanging himself, and it was as if his Adam’s apple would be crushed in no time!

Don Albert was gasping, his face turning black and purple. In his heart, he realized that he would d*e today!


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