The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 705

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 705 – Everyone in the suite was startled by the abrupt noise.

They looked at the door and saw a brawny man walking into the suite with a cold face.

Behind him, four arrogant-looking men followed and entered the suite too.

These five men were Donald Webb’s personal bodyguards.

Mr. Lloyd and Marcus followed these men with wicked grins on their faces.

Don Albert frowned in dismay as he saw the Lloyds and chided, “Huh, you’re very bold huh, bring someone to challenge me at my own restaurant?!”

Marcus snorted disdainfully. “Don Albert Rhodes, you can keep up with your cockiness, but you’re going to d*e soon anyway! I’ll never forget the humiliation and scorn I got from you and I’m here to k**l you today!”

Everyone’s jaw dropped as soon as Marcus finished talking!

Was he serious?

Was he really bold enough to k**l Don Albert?!

Don Albert laughed at his sinister remark instead and said, “You? Want to k**l me? Do you really think that my title is nothing but a hoax? Do you know how many men I have in the city?”

Mr. Lloyd interjected, “Let me tell you something, Don Albert. It doesn’t matter how many men you have, for your information, the dozen security guards you have in the restaurant have been wiped clean. No one can save you now!”

Then, he pointed to Jones beside him and said with a vile expression, “These men are all the Webb family’s skillful hitmen. You definitely can’t run away today! I’ll give you a chance—as long as you kneel before me and l**k my shoes clean, I’ll make sure you d*e as a whole. Otherwise, we’re going to chop you up!”

Don Albert gulped nervously upon listening to Mr. Lloyd’s threats.

He had let his guard down!

For so many years, he was being so respected and honored in Aurous Hill that he was certain no one in the city would dare to make a move on him. Hence, he seldom let his bodyguards stay beside him, thinking that the guards in Heaven Springs were good enough to protect him.

However, he had miscalculated other factors. He didn’t expect that the Webb family would actually make a move against him!

Besides, these five men seemed very strong and brawny, and they must be excellent at what they’re doing. It seemed that he may not be able to stop these men even if he had two dozens of men with him today!

At this moment, Marcus pointed at Jacob and asked in a cold voice, “And you, are you Charlie Wade’s father-in-law?!”

Jacob’s heart skipped a beat. “What…what do you want to do?!”

“What do I want to do?” Marcus sneered, “Charlie the l***r humiliated not just me but also my father! Does he really think we’re dummies? He’s lucky he isn’t here today or I’d k**l him today to settle the score!”

“But, since the l***r isn’t here, you’re going to pay some interest on his behalf!”

Blood drained from Jacob’s face, he stammered, “What…what do you mean…what do you want to do?”

“What do I want to do?” Marcus gritted his teeth and blurted, “I want to k**l you, that’s what I want to do! Let your good son-in-law come to collect your body!”

Jacob jumped in shock and wanted to drill under the table immediately.

The people from the association were equally shocked and pressed themselves against the wall.

At this moment, Jones said with his vilely cold voice, “Anyone who has nothing to do with Don Albert Rhodes and Jacob Wilson, get the h**l out of here or I’ll k**l you together with them!”

Mr. Price and the rest of the diners rushed out of the suite in panic.

David, Jacob’s friend, was a little at a loss. He wanted to escape, but he was reluctant for a while as he saw that Jacob’s life was in danger right now.


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