The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 703

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 703 – After Marcus was ridiculed by the crowd, Don Albert gestured to him to go away.

Usually, after the humiliating meeting at Heaven Springs, Marcus would cover his forehead and go home quickly.

But this time, he walked back to the parking lot with a m*******s look on his face and got into the car that Mr. Lloyd and Jones were in.

Mr. Lloyd had been waiting for him for a long time. When Marcus got into the car, he quickly asked, “Son, how was it?”

Marcus gritted his teeth and said, “There are thirty-something waiters and guards inside but most of them are women. The ones who are really combative are the twelve security guards.”

Mr. Lloyd turned to the man sitting next to him and asked in a concerned tone, “Mr. Jones, are you confident that you can handle so many men? Will you be on the losing side if they start an a****k?”

Jones smiled coldly and said, “Huh, even if all thirty-something people are security guards, they are like dummies to us!”

Mr. Lloyd immediately complimented, “Wow, Mr. Jones, you are really extraordinary! I’m impressed!”

Jones nodded arrogantly, then he looked at Marcus and asked, “Where is Don Albert now?”

“He is at the Diamond Suite on the top floor!”

Then, he continued in an excited tone, “Dad, Mr. Jones, I discovered something surprising when I went inside!”

“Oh? What is it?” Mr. Lloyd asked quickly.

Marcus grinned viciously and said, “I saw Charlie the l***r’s father-in-law in there! He is one of the diners! In fact, he is in the same Diamond Suite and Don Albert was also there to entertain him! When we go in later, can we k**l him too?”

“Charlie’s father-in-law?!” Mr. Lloyd smiled from ear to ear upon hearing the news. “This is wonderful! That b*****d Charlie had beat me when we were at Jonathan Moore’s birthday banquet! Well, let his old man pay some interest first!”

If he could k**l Charlie’s father-in-law, it would be regarded as an act of revenge for himself and his son. Secondly, Young Master Webb hated Charlie too, so k*****g Charlie’s father-in-law would add some plus points to the way Master Webb treated him.

Then, he turned to Jones and said, “Mr. Jones, I believe you must have heard about how Charlie treated your bosses at the Moore family banquet. Since Charlie’s father-in-law is in there, why don’t we get rid of him too?”

Jones nodded. “Charlie insulted my bosses and I wanted him d**d right there and then! Since his father-in-law is here, I have no reason to spare him!”

Mr. Lloyd nodded gleefully and urged, “Let’s go in then! Let’s have the k*****g spree!”


Meanwhile, various kinds of delicacies were served on the table in the Diamond Suite of Heaven Springs.

As the king of the underworld, Don Albert said with respect to Jacob instead, “Mr. Wilson, I asked the kitchen to prepare this table of special health foods, I hope they will suit your appetite. The ingredients we have used for these dishes are of the highest quality in Aurous Hill, they are natural without any additives.”

Jacob stared at the table of delicacies in front of him with his mouth wide agape.

He had never been to such a high-end restaurant, not even when the Wilson family was in its prime, let alone eaten such marvelous dishes.

Sometimes, he dreamed of experiencing the extravagant life where he could simply order a top-quality shark’s fin, abalone, and some Australian lobsters or king crab.

However, he had never had such an opportunity for so many years. The most expensive meal he had was merely a two-thousand-dollar per person meal. Today, he extended his budget a little to three thousand dollars per head.


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