The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 701

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 701 – Previously, Marcus would always be very heartbroken and miserable when he came to Heaven Springs to look for Don Albert with the words ‘pathetic j**k’ displayed on his forehead.

Every time he came here, all of the guests and even the waiters in Heaven Springs would always be staring at him and this made him feel extremely humiliated.

However, today was different.

Don Albert would finally d*e today. After tonight, Don Albert will be completely gone from Aurous Hill! His father, Mr. Lloyd, would replace his legacy then!

At that time, Mr. Lloyd would become the next underground mobster boss of Aurous Hill!

When that time came, people would also be filled with respect for him and address him as Don Lloyd!

Besides that, Marcus would also finally be able to remove the humiliating scar that he had on his forehead. He would finally be free of the shadow of humiliation that the words ‘pathetic j**k’ on his forehead had left on him during this period of time.

Marcus was really very excited when he thought about this.

After seeing his son enter Heaven Springs, Mr. Lloyd, who was waiting inside the car, hurriedly spoke in a respectful manner to Jones, the bodyguard of the Webb family. “Mr. Jones, I’ll have to leave everything in your hands later!”

Jones nodded coldly before he said, “Don’t worry. No one in Aurous Hill can possibly be my opponent. I promise you that Don Albert will not make it out of Heaven Springs alive tonight!”

Mr. Lloyd was extremely excited!

Both he and his son have already been waiting for this moment for a very long time.


At this time, Don Albert had just directed Jacob and the rest of his guests to the Diamond Room at Heaven Springs.

He was very defensive of Jacob throughout the way and he pointed at the main seat at the table before he said respectfully, “Mr. Wilson, please take your seat.”

Jacob felt a little uncomfortable at this time and he looked at Mr. Price before he said, “Mr. Price, you should be the one sitting in the main seat tonight!”

Mr. Price was very nervous and he hurriedly waved his hand as he said, “Oh, Jacob! Why would I possibly dare to sit in the main seat? You should be sitting in the main seat today!”

If Jacob had asked him to take the main seat just now, he would have just taken it without putting any thought into it at all.

After all, he was the president of the Calligraphy and Painting Association and it would only be appropriate for him to take the main seat.

However, after seeing how polite and respectful Don Albert was towards Jacob, Mr. Price could not help but feel a little intimidated. He was very relieved and he felt that it was very fortunate that he did not try to put Jacob down and trample all over him as Samuel did earlier. Otherwise, he would also have been sent to the pigsty to experience life, living with the pigs.

When the other guests saw this scene, they quickly chimed in, “Yes, Brother Jacob! You should just take the main seat. Please hurry up and sit.”

Jacob was in fact feeling a little proud at this time after being put on a pedestal. He smiled as he said, “Hahaha. Alright then. Since every one of you is so enthusiastic and persistent, then I will not be polite anymore!”

After he was done speaking, Jacob sat down on the main seat immediately. After that, David and Mr. Price took the left and right seats next to him.

After Jacob took his seat, Don Albert smiled before he said, “Mr. Wilson, please wait for a short while. Your food will be served shortly. Please enjoy some tea in the meantime.”

As Don Albert was speaking, the beautiful female manager suddenly walked into the Diamond Room before she whispered in Don Albert’s ear. “Don Albert, that kid from the Lloyd family is here for his weekly report to you.”

After listening to the manager’s words, Don Albert was very happy and he said excitedly, “Well, since today is the day that Mr. Wilson officially becomes the executive director of the Calligraphy and Painting Association, we should also give him a performance to celebrate this joyous occasion! Since the kid is here, I want you to send him into this room to give Mr. Wilson his most sincere blessings!”

The beautiful female manager nodded slightly as soon as she heard his words. After that, she bowed slightly before she walked out of the Diamond Room.

When Jacob heard that Don Albert was also preparing a special celebratory program for him in addition to allowing him to use the Diamond Room tonight, he was very flattered and he quickly said, “Don Albert, you don’t need to be so polite…”

Don Albert waved his hand before he smiled and said, “Hahaha. This is what I should be doing!”

After that, Don Albert laughed before he said, “Mr. Wilson, don’t worry. The program that I have prepared for you is definitely one of a kind in the entire Aurous Hill. Besides that, this has something to do with your son-in-law, Master Wade, too. I am certain that you will be very amazed when you see it later!”

As soon as they heard his words, everyone in the room was also very intrigued. They could not help but sit in their seats as they looked forward to the upcoming performance.


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