The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 696

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 696 – Jacob could only grit his teeth in anger.

If he knew that Samuel would be so vicious to keep insulting and humiliating him like this, Jacob would not have agreed to come up to the Gold Room at all.


Jacob was completely speechless and at a loss for words.

At this time, Don Albert has just stopped his car at the entrance of Heaven Springs.

The first thing that he did after getting out of his car was to hurriedly ask the manager who opened the car door for him, “Is there a customer named Jacob Wilson who reserved one of the rooms at our restaurant today?”

“Yes. He booked the Bronze Room No. 3.” The manager kept a careful record of the guests who came to the restaurant every day. Therefore, he naturally knew every single guest who booked a room at Heaven Springs today.

Don Albert nodded slightly before he hurriedly said, “Come. Come with me to the Bronze Room No. 3 now!”

While he was still at Lord Moore’s birthday banquet, Master Wade had informed him that his father-in-law would be hosting a dinner at his restaurant tonight. Besides that, Charlie even instructed him to take good care of his father-in-law.

How could Don Albert possibly allow Jacob to host his dinner in the small Bronze Room then? Don Albert would have to upgrade him to the Diamond Room!

Therefore, Don Albert hurriedly rushed to the Bronze Room No. 3 but when he arrived at the room, he found the door open with no one in the room at all.

Don Albert was slightly taken aback and he quickly asked the waitress, “Where is Mr. Wilson who reserved this room for the night?”

The waitress hurriedly replied, “Don Albert, Mr. Wilson was here not too long ago but he was invited to go to the Gold Room upstairs by one of his guests just a while ago. He’s currently in the Gold Room No. 2.”

Don Albert nodded immediately before he told the manager, “Come. Follow me!”


At this time, in the Gold Room, Samuel was staring coldly at Jacob as he sneered, “Jacob, based on your standards, I think that you don’t even have the qualifications to join and be a part of the Calligraphy and Painting Association. Don’t you feel ashamed or embarrassed of yourself for even thinking of competing for the position of the executive director?”

Jacob replied coldly, “You say that I have no qualifications? I think you’re the one who isn’t qualified! Even if I’m not qualified, at the very least, I once picked up an item on Antique Street for a few thousand dollars that I ended up selling for hundreds of thousands of dollars!”

Samuel replied contemptuously, “You’re just blowing your own trumpet! Anyway, your mouth is on your face so no one can stop you from bragging. You can even say that you picked up a piece of junk for a few thousand dollars and sold it for tens of millions of dollars. The problem is whether anyone will believe anything you say anyway.”

Jacob snorted as he said, “If you don’t believe me, you can go to Antique Street and ask Zachary about it. He was the one who bought the antique from me for a few hundred thousand dollars!”

“Zachary?” Samuel frowned before he blurted out, “Zachary is a very famous profiteer on Antique Street! He’s known to be the most treacherous and cunning salesperson on the entire Antique Street. Do you really expect me to believe that he’d actually spend hundreds of thousands of dollars just to buy a piece of junk from you?”

Jacob replied contemptuously, “You can go and ask him about it tomorrow if you don’t believe me.”

“I’d be a fool to believe you!” Samuel replied as he smirked and said, “I don’t want to waste any more time talking nonsense with you. Do you really think that a person of your status is fit and worthy to eat with us? Why don’t you get down to work and serve everyone a cup of tea now? If you can’t even do something as simple as this, then you should just get out of this room instead of being an eyesore here!”

Jacob trembled in anger but before he could even speak, an angry and loud voice rang behind him. “Who the h**l do you think you are? Who gave you the rights to speak to Mr. Wilson in this manner? Are you tired of living?”


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