The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 684

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 684 – When Sean heard his father’s words, he could not help but ask, “Dad, aren’t you going to the hospital with me?”

Donald replied, “There are still a lot of things that I have to deal with today. Now that we have already broken all ties with the Moore family, we have to first find another place to stay for the night. I am going to make a trip to Shangri-La and book one of the presidential suites there. After that, I will visit Isaac Cameron and pay my respects to him. Once you are done receiving treatment for your hand, you can come to Shangri-La to look for me directly. I will tell you about all my plans at that time!”

“You want to visit Isaac Cameron?” Sean could not help but ask out of frustration, “Dad, why do you even need to visit him? Isn’t he nothing more than a dog that is working for the Wade family from Eastcliff? Is that even more important than my broken hand?”

Donald frowned before he said, “What do you know? Even though the Webb family dominates the entire South Region, the wealth and power that we have cannot be compared to the Wade family at all. In fact, the Wade family is the real top and most influential family around!”

“You cannot just regard Isaac as the Wade family’s dog. He is the spokesperson for the Wade family in Aurous Hill and he is the face that represents the Wade family in the entire Aurous Hill. I have to visit him in person today. If I can achieve a breakthrough, I might be able to build up a relationship with the powerful Wade family instead.”

For the Webb family, even though they were indeed the top and most influential family in the entire South Region, they could not be compared to the real top and hidden powerful family such as the Wade family itself.

If Donald could take advantage of this opportunity to build up a connection and relationship with the Wade family, then the Webb family would definitely be able to achieve great success!

Sean stopped complaining as soon as he heard his father’s words. After that, he nodded slightly before he said, “Alright, Dad, I understand. You can head to Shangri-La first and I’ll see a doctor and get a cast for my broken wrist. After that, I’ll look for you.”

Donald replied, “Okay, Sean. You should head to the hospital first. I will notify you as soon as I have made all the necessary arrangements.”

Sean nodded with a look of expectancy on his face before he followed Mr. Lloyd into the car to head to the hospital and treat his broken hand.


After Sean and Mr. Lloyd left, Donald brought his assistant and bodyguards with him as they headed straight to Shangri-La.

Along the way, Donald was thinking about all the ways that he could use to k**l Charlie so that he could resolve his hatred. Besides that, Donald was also thinking about how he could deal with Lord Moore who was nothing but an ignorant fool to him.

Did he really think that he had already become a young teenager who could live a long life just because he took a Rejuvenating Pill?

Since he dared to speak to him in this manner, then he would make sure that the Moore family paid the consequences and price for his action!

Very soon, the convoy arrived at the entrance of Shangri-La Hotel.

Donald asked his bodyguard to take out the most precious Big Red Robe tea leaves that he got from Mount Woolly in order to give it as a gift to Isaac.

His Big Red Robe tea leaves were all picked from the last six remaining mother trees on Mount Woolly. It was very previous and of a very significant value. The annual output of the Big Red Robe tea leaves were only about ten catties and the price for one catty of the Big Red Robe tea leaves could easily reach tens of millions of dollars.

This was not something that just anyone could buy with money.

This was because the annual output of these tea leaves was very limited. Most of it was usually directly supplied to Eastcliff and the rest of the tea leaves, which would then be released to the other market, would not even amount to more than two catties.

Donald had about one catty of the Big Red Robe tea leaves on his hands. He had spent a great deal of money and a lot of effort as well as asked for plenty of favors before he successfully got his hands on it.

Therefore, Donald really regarded his pot of Big Red Robe tea leaves as his most treasured possession that he would carry around with him wherever he went. This way, he could soak a gram or two of the tea leaves in a hot cup of water whenever he felt like drinking it.

Since he has already decided to make the trip to Shangri-La, Donald felt that he should not meet Isaac empty-handed. Therefore, he planned to give this pot of Big Red Robe tea leaves to Isaac just so he could give the other party a very good impression of him.

As soon as he stepped into Shangri-La, Donald walked up to the front desk before he said to the receptionist, “Hello, miss. Please inform Mr. Cameron that Donald from the Webb family in Southaven is here to see him!”

The receptionist working at the front desk of Shangri-La was also no ordinary receptionist. She knew all about the top and powerful families in the entire South Region. When she heard that a member of the Webb family was here to see Isaac, she quickly picked up the phone and dialed Isaac’s office immediately.

“Mr. Cameron, Mr. Donald from the Webb family in Southaven would like to see you!”


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