The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 660

Read The Amazing Son in Law [by Lord Leaf] Chapter 660 – Could it be…

Could it be…

Could it be the Rejuvenating Pill that Anthony had taken?!

Lord Mooore had been dreaming of getting a chance for Charlie Wade to bless him with one of the Rejuvenating Pills so that he could indulge in the intense feeling of going back in time, borrowing more time to stay alive and helping the family go further.

However, if there was one thing he had learned throughout his long life, it was that chances were hard to come by!

He dared not go to Charlie Wade for the pill for fear that Charlie Wade would find him repulsive, thus, he could only wait patiently for the right moment to come.

Initially, he thought that this rare chance would only come by when Jasmine and Charlie Wade had made substantial progress in terms of their relationship.

But now, from the way Charlie Wade put it, he felt as though Charlie Wade might truly have prepared the pill as a birthday gift for him.

He wasn’t sure and did not dare to ask him directly, so he bowed at Charlie Wade as he suppressed the excitement and longing. “Thank you for your generosity, Master Wade!”

Donald frowned in confusion and dismay. He leaned against Sean and whispered, “What’s going on? Who is that dude?! Why is the old man so respectful toward him?!”

Sean gritted his teeth indignantly and blurted, “Dad! That b*stard is the guest that Jasmine fetched personally! Besides, I think Jasmine is very attached to him!”

“Oh?” Donald frowned. “So, is he the person we’re looking for?”

Sean nodded profusely and said bitterly, “He is very pompous and cocky. He beat Cain Lloyd just now and Jasmine kicked him out!”


Donald growled furiously, “We brought Cain in here, which means we publicly announced that Cain is our guy! He still dared to lay hands on Cain after all we did?!”

Sean continued, “Not only that, dad! He insulted us and called our family trash, even going as far as to ridicule Kian openly! I wanted to k**l him just now!”

Donald was extremely furious when he heard this!

He was the second-generation heir of the Webb family and would soon succeed his father and become the head of the family. However, he never expected that there was someone who was so disrespectful to the Webb family in a small town like Aurouss Hilll! This was outrageous, and he couldn’t accept it!

Hence, he turned and said to Lord Mooore, “Uncle, this man beat Cain Lloyd and insulted our family. Cain is our man, and I can’t allow my family’s dignity to be trampled like that! Please, you must be fair in handling this matter!”

From just this remark, Lord Mooore could comprehend the entire incident.

He suspected that Sean was the foolish culprit who had let Cain provoke Master Wade. Otherwise, with Master Wade’s honorable reputation, why would he stoop to the same level as a low-life like Cain?

He found that the current situation was a little tricky. He had Master Wade at one side, and the Webb family at the other. Of course, he had to defend Master Wade, but the Webb family was the number one family in the South Region, and it would bring devastating damage to the Moore family if he offended them…

However, when the Rejuvenating Pill popped up in his mind, all the other problems seemed to fade away!

He chided Donald sternly, “Mr. Webb, Master Wade saved my life! No one is allowed to tarnish Master Wade’s reputation in my house!”


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