The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 659

Read The Amazing Son in Law [by Lord Leaf] Chapter 659 – The mockery and laughter made Sean see red, and he clenched his fists so tightly that his knuckles popped continuously!

He glared at Charlie Wade and exclaimed, “Dude, don’t say that I never gave you a chance to repent, you did this to yourself! My family will not let you go, you’ll never see tomorrow’s sun rise!”

Before Charlie Wade could say anything, Jasmine shouted, “Sean Webb, how dare you!”

Sean huffed coldly, “Why not?! Did you think I would let my family be insulted in a shabby town like Aurouss Hilll just like that? Let me tell you! Everyone in Aurouss Hilll must bow to the majestic Webb family!”

Jasmine’s face darkened in dismay, and she demanded, “Sean, you are not welcome here. Please get out!”

“What? You want to kick me out?!” Sean looked at Jasmine, shocked, and scornful. “You want to kick me out because of this deadbeat l***r?!”

Jasmine said firmly, “Yes! I’ll say it again, please get out!”

At this moment, Reuben, Jasmine’s cousin, came out of nowhere and hurriedly persuaded them, “Hey, Mr. Webb, Jasmine, calm down. What are you two arguing about?”

Sean quickly blurted when he saw Reuben, “Reuben, thank heavens you’re here. Your cousin wants to kick me out of the house because of this lowly l***r!”

Reuben glanced at Charlie Wade, feeling somewhat awkward and cumbersome.

In truth, he too scorned Charlie Wade’s presence, but he knew that his grandfather believed in him, valued, and respected him, so he dared not disrespect Charlie Wade openly.

As he suspected that there was a discord going on between Charlie Wade and Sean, he hurriedly smiled and said, “Hey, this is just a misunderstanding, I suggest everyone calm down.”

He first turned to Charlie Wade and said, “Master Wade, this is Sean Webb, the eldest son and the eldest grandson of the Webb family in Erith.”

Then, he quickly turned to Sean and explained, “Mr. Webb, this is Charlie Wade Wade. Master Wade has saved my grandfather’s life before.”

Sean snorted in dismay, “Master? F*ck you! From what I see, he is just a scammer! He hurt my dog and insulted my family, I won’t let him go even if G*d himself apologizes on his behalf!”

Before Sean could do anything, Lord Mooore and Donald walked over from the house.

Lord Mooore had heard the commotion briefly, and he walked toward the crowd. He frowned in annoyance and asked, “Jasmine, Reuben, what is going on?”

As soon as Sean heard Lord Mooore’s voice, he quickly said, “Grandpa Moore, so good to see you here! Jasmine kicked my people out of the property because of this Charlie Wade Wade! Besides, he insulted my family, and this is an utter humiliation to me and my entire family! You must…”

Before he could finish his sentence, Lord Mooore immediately marched forward, held Charlie Wade’s hands, and said with total respect, “Master Wade, welcome!”

Sean and Donald looked stunned and shocked by the ridiculous scene!

Why would the 80-year-old Lord Mooore be so respectful to a young and lousily dressed man?!

Charlie Wade smiled gently at Lord Mooore and said, “Mr. Moore, I see that you look rather pale and lethargic, are you not feeling well these days?”

Lord Mooore gasped in surprise and said, “Oh, Master Wade, you are indeed the true dragon, you can see right through me. Yes, honestly speaking, because of the fluctuating weather, I was somewhat infected with a mild cold in addition to my old age, hence, I am quite tired and weak lately.”

Charlie Wade nodded. “This is because your core is too weak at the moment. The medicine that I gave you last time was mainly to treat the hidden illnesses that have been accumulated in your body over the many years. Although it has cured your problems, it didn’t improve your physical fitness much.”

Lord Mooore hurriedly bowed and said, “Even so, I am very grateful for your help, Master Wade! If not for you, I’m afraid that I wouldn’t even be around for this birthday banquet today!”

Charlie Wade smiled warmly and said, “I prepared a birthday gift for you today, I believe it will be helpful to your current situation.”

Lord Mooore was so surprised upon hearing it, and he shivered in excitement!

A birthday gift? It would be helpful to his current situation?!


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