The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 656

Read The Amazing Son in Law [by Lord Leaf] Chapter 656 – Cain said with an arrogant grin, “Mr. Webb brought me in! To tell you the truth, I am now the Webb family’s man. As far as I’m concerned, no one here has the power and influence to go up against the Webb family, right? The Webb family is so much more powerful than all of you combined! If you dare touch me, you are literally provoking the Webb family!”

Cain looked very cocky and triumphant. He knew that by mentioning the Webb family, no one would dare to do anything to him.

When he glanced around him like an almighty c**k, he saw a black shadow flash past him suddenly, and before he could react to it, his face was slapped hard!

He felt as though the sky had grown dark and starry after being slapped, and he stumbled backward from the great force. After managing to compose himself and stand still, he lifted his gaze and saw that the person who had slapped him was none other than Charlie Wade.

Charlie Wade plastered a wide smile on his face and said flatly, “I couldn’t be bothered if you didn’t mention the Webb family, but since you did, I have to show them some colors!”

“Dmn it! You slapped me! Fcker!”

Never did Cain expect that he would get a slap in the face when he mentioned the Webb family. Although Charlie Wade had slapped his face, it was the same as slapping the Webb family’s face!

Charlie Wade was nothing but a scammer who knew a trick or two to fool others, but he was going up against the Webb family, the most prominent family in the South Region!

Charlie Wade smiled at his curse and slapped him again. “Did you think I wouldn’t dare to slap you just because you are the Webb family’s dog? Let me tell you, I am slapping the Webb family’s dog! If you’re not happy about this, go and tell your master to come and see me!”

Before Charlie Wade came today, he had made up his mind.

Albert had called and given him a heads-up that the Webb family was looking for him everywhere for two reasons—he had turned Kian into a p**p-eating monster, and he was the man Jasmine liked.

So, in due time, the Webb family would eventually figure it out and get to him.

In fact, there was a high chance that they already knew that Jasmine admired him. It was also possible that they were behind Cain’s obnoxious behavior toward him and the other guests.

If so, it was better if he could force the Webb family out of their foxhole and challenge them face-to-face rather than bothering himself with Cain, their lap dog.

Cain was going insane from Charlie Wade’s provocation.

He had clearly mentioned the Webb family’s name, and yet, Charlie Wade still dared to instigate them! Did he have a d***h wish?!

Alright, Charlie Wade Wade, since you wanted to d*e, I’ll fulfill your request!

Cain knew that Sean was watching them from the terrace on the second floor, so he raised his voice and shouted, “Charlie Wade Wade, I have already stated clearly that I am the Webb family’s man but you still dared to lay hands on me! Do you even take the Webb family seriously?!”

Charlie Wade noticed that he had been peeking toward the second-floor terrace sheepishly, so he guessed easily that his master was there.

Thus, he laughed out loud and said loudly, “The Webb family, so what? A family who keeps trash like you as their dogs must be trash themselves as well! Why do I have to take a bunch of trash seriously?”


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