The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 655

Read The Amazing Son in Law [by Lord Leaf] Chapter 655 – Cain’s mockery was unexpected and shocking.

The mockery not only targeted Charlie Wade, but also the people who paid their respects to Charlie Wade.

Albert almost burst into flames of wrath when Cain came out of nowhere with his senseless insult. He glared at him and shouted coldly, “Cain Lloyd, do you have a f*cking d***h wish? Do you want me to carve words on your forehead just as I did to your son?!”

Charlie Wade realized the cause of this direct mockery the second he laid eyes on the outraged Cain.

This man was Marcus Lloyd’s father.

Marcus, the rich kid with his catchphrase ‘pathetic j**k’, the young man who had provoked him at the Champs Elys Resort which resulted in a miserable ending—Albert had carved the words ‘pathetic j**k’ on his forehead as directed by him.

He didn’t expect to bump into the young man’s father at the Moore family’s banquet, let alone be insulted by him.

Cain exchanged a hateful glare with Albert and said, “Albert Rhodes, don’t you be so f*cking cocky and bossy! Do you really think I’m scared of you?!”

Then, he pointed at Charlie Wade and said viciously, “I don’t get it, why a deadbeat l***r like you who can only survive by mooching off your wife and in-laws can be here! And why are all these people complimenting you and calling you ‘Master Wade’? What the h**l?! Are they all f*cking blind to the point they cannot see what kind of a l***r you are?”

His rude remarks infuriated the crowd, and they were all prepared to jump at Cain, but Charlie Wade stopped them and said flatly, “Everyone, today is Lord Mooore’s birthday, please don’t do anything silly and make a fool out of yourself.”

Then, he turned to Cain and said with a smile, “I was wondering what kind of i***t produced such an arrogant son like Marcus, and now that I see you, I finally know why.”

After a short pause, Charlie Wade continued, “You’re supposed to learn something from what happened to your son. Take my advice. Keep a low profile and don’t be so cocky. The skin on your forehead is so wrinkled, it may not be as smooth as how we did it on your son’s forehead if we wanted to carve words on it.

“You…” Cain huffed indignantly. He pointed at Charlie Wade and cursed, “Hey, listen, don’t say I never give you a chance to stay alive. If you kneel before me right now and let me carve the word ‘pathetic j**k’ on your forehead, I’ll let you go, otherwise, I’ll f*cking k**l you!”

Charlie Wade grinned in disdain. “What gave you the confidence to make you think you could k**l me?”

“You think you are so powerful and almighty just because you have Albert, the garbage thug, as your sidekick, but I have the Webb family as my backup. Albert is a nobody! I can k**l him like I k**l an ant, let alone a l***r like you.”

Don Albertt’s face flushed in extreme anger. He barged forward furiously when Charlie Wade stopped him and said with a smile, “Cain, your master is quite a coward. It’s okay for them to let their dogs run wild, but they should be present, shouldn’t they? What if the dog is beaten to d***h?”

Cain sneered, “Charlie Wade Wade, don’t think I don’t know who you are. You are nothing but a scammer who fools these people with your so-called mystical tricks. They are still in the dark, but when they come to their senses, I won’t have to do anything because they will not let you off the hook!”

Then, he turned to Jasmine and said seriously, “Miss Moore, you are recognized as a powerful and charming female entrepreneur in Aurouss Hilll. How could you be deceived by a l***r like him? Besides, he is married! He married into and lives with his wife’s family! You’ll only ruin your reputation if you get too close to a l***r like him. If rumors spread that the number one lady in Aurouss Hilll has fallen in love with a married l***r, it will cause a huge impact on your reputation!”

Jasmine’s face twisted into a contemptuous grimace.

Admittedly, she liked Charlie Wade, and Charlie Wade was indeed married, but so what? Was it wrong to like someone from the bottom of her heart?

Besides, Cain Lloyd, who did you think you were to comment on me even if I really did something wrong?!

However, Jasmine knew that she should remain calm against Cain’s accusation because if she got angry, people might assume that it was out of shame and that what Cain had said was true.

Instead, Jasmine donned a dark expression and chided him, “Cain Lloyd, right? We don’t have you in our guest list, who brought you in?”


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