The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 644

Read The Amazing Son in Law [by Lord Leaf] Chapter 644 – Sean felt a little sullen in his heart. Both he and his father were standing in front of Jasmine right now. Yet, unexpectedly, Jasmine had actually said that there was an even more important guest compared to them. Who else in Aurouss Hilll could be more important than his father and himself?

In other words, who else in Aurouss Hilll could possibly have even greater status or power compared to the Webb family?

Even though he was feeling a little upset, Kian continued speaking in a very gentlemanly manner as he said, “By the way, Jasmine, I’ve specially prepared a gift for you. I am not sure whether you will like it or not.”

Jasmine frowned before she said, “Mr. Webb, you should keep the gift. I do not need anything, and I do not want you to spend so much on me. Besides, I simply cannot accept your gift for no reason at all.”

At this time, Sean hurriedly took out the gift box Cain had given to him before he said earnestly, “Jasmine, why are you being so polite with me? In fact, I noticed that the bracelet you have been wearing is very old and worn out. I couldn’t help but feel a little distressed for you. You are the dignified young lady of the Moore family, so how could you possibly be wearing such a simple and cheap piece of jewelry?”

As he spoke, Sean had already taken out the bracelet he had bought as he said, “Jasmine, this bracelet is a masterpiece created by the Italian jewelry designer, Mr. Fischer. It is the only limited edition bracelet in this world and is worth one hundred million dollars. I bought this bracelet especially for you. This bracelet will surely match your identity and temperament. That piece of rubbish on your hand should have been thrown into the trash can a long time ago!”

Sean initially thought that every woman in the world would love any kind of expensive jewelry. Therefore, he believed that Jasmine would be no exception.

Sean was confident that this bracelet that he had bought at a high and expensive price would definitely touch Jasmine’s heart.

However, he never expected the expression on Jasmine’s face to change as soon as she heard his words. Moreover, she was staring at Sean with unprecedented anger and disgust on her face!

Yes, the bracelet on her hand was not worth a lot of money, and it did look a little old and worn out.


This bracelet was a relic her mother had left behind for her!

Ever since her mother had passed away a long time ago, Jasmine had been wearing this bracelet on her hand because it carried a very precious and extraordinary meaning to her! She truly loved and treasured this bracelet very much.

In the past, when she had been accidentally trapped in the terrifying Feng Shui ‘dragon encapsulation formation’, she had not even been that upset or afraid when she had almost died in several car accidents. However, she had felt as though she was in extreme pain and that she would rather be d**d when she realized that she had lost the bracelet her mother had left to her.

That was also the reason why she had invited Master Lennard to come over to Aurouss Hilll all the way from Hong Kong to help her to change her fortune. All so she would be able to find her bracelet.

However, she had almost been k****d because of that fake Master Lennard!

If Charlie Wade had not stepped in to help her resolve the ‘dragon encapsulation formation’ she was trapped in because he noticed that something was amiss, she would have already lost her life a long time ago.

The reason why she could retrieve her lost bracelet was all thanks to Charlie Wade!

If Charlie Wade had not broken the ‘dragon encapsulation formation’, she would never have the luck to retrieve her precious bracelet!

It was obvious that this bracelet was indeed very precious to Jasmine!

However, the important and precious bracelet which carried all her feelings and longings, that was entrusted to her by her mother, was actually regarded as rubbish to Sean! Sean had even asked her to throw her bracelet into the trash can! This made Jasmine so angry that she felt as though she was going to explode in anger.

At this time, Jasmine pushed Sean’s hand which was holding the diamond bracelet away as she said coldly, “Sean! This bracelet is a relic that my mother left behind for me. It is even more precious to me than my own life. Who gave you the right to insult my bracelet?”

Sean was stunned.

F*ck! What the h**l?

That broken bracelet turned out to be a relic left behind by Jasmine’s mother?

Wasn’t he merely shooting himself in the foot?!

Sean became very upset, and before he could find a way to salvage the situation, Jasmine had already angrily closed the car door and stepped on the accelerator, driving away immediately.

Sean stood alone in a daze, and the expression on his face at this time was even uglier than the expression his younger brother had whenever he had to eat s**t every hour…


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