The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 627

Read The Amazing Son in Law [by Lord Leaf] Chapter 627 – Donald was very satisfied with Cain’s attitude. He nodded slightly before he walked into The Heaven Springs.

Albert had already arranged for the employees of The Heaven Springs to make all the necessary preparations and prepare all the dishes for the banquet dinner that night. At the same time, all the other people who were invited to the banquet had also arrived early, and they had already been waiting for Donald for quite a long time.

Albert, Graham, and Zeke had the same attitude toward the Webb family. They were not here to flatter Donald or to curry any favor with him, but they also had no intention of offending him and the Webb family.

This was the reason why they accepted the Webb family invitation to attend this banquet dinner tonight.

In fact, the three of them had already thought everything through. They had even met up in private to discuss this matter amongst themselves. They decided to simply give the Webb family some face and to be polite and respectful toward Donald, but they would still follow and abide by Charlie Wade’s instructions.

As for the other families’ heads, they had come to the banquet dinner tonight simply to get into the Webb family’s good books.

After all, no matter what it was, it was an undeniable fact that the Webb family was the top family in the entire South Region. To many of the small and medium-class families, they were simply a towering high tree that was filled with fruits. Moreover, it was only natural that every monkey would hope to be able to hang onto this tree as tightly as they could.

When they saw Donald and his son, Sean, entering the Diamond Room, the other families’ heads instantly stood up to greet and welcome them.

Amongst them, the head of the Zimmerman family was the first to flatter Donald. “Mr. Webb, you are truly a very talented and superb person. Your son is also as talented as you are, and he absolutely deserves to be in the most prestigious family in the whole of the South Region! Both of you exude a completely different style and charm!”

The head of the Kline family also nodded as he said, “Yes, I agree! I have not met Mr. Webb in person before, but since I have the honor of meeting you today, I realize that compared to the rumors that I have heard before, you are even more amazing and outstanding in person!”

Donald nodded slightly as he looked around the room with a majestic expression on his face.

Everyone seated in this private room tonight was all famous people in Aurouss Hilll. It was obvious that the head of the Zimmerman family, the Kline family, and the Lloyd family were all very respectful toward him. Donald could tell that they were trying their best to impress and flatter him at this point.

On the other hand, Zeke, Graham, and Albert remained very calm and composed. They had an indifferent expression on their faces, but they were still very polite toward Donald out of common courtesy. However, they did not bother to praise or give him any heartfelt compliments at all.

Even though Donald did not say anything, he was still secretly very unhappy with Zeke.

Cain continued to follow Donald around as though he was his grandson. As soon as he saw Albert when he entered the private room, Cain could not help but stare at him with extremely resentful eyes.

In his eyes, Albert was the one who had personally forged this feud with him!

His precious son had become one of the two biggest jokes in the whole of Aurouss Hilll during this time because Albert had carved the words ‘pathetic j**k’ on his forehead.

The other joke in Aurouss Hilll was that Kian, the second son of the Webb family, was a p**p-eating monster.

However, since everyone was afraid of the strength and power of the Webb family, no one dared to make fun of this matter in public. They could only laugh about this in private. On the contrary, the Lloyd family was not very strong or influential in Aurouss Hilll. Therefore, the misfortune suffered by Cain’s son, Marcus, had been widely spread throughout the entire Aurouss Hilll and had become a topic of conversation amongst many people who treated this as a joke.

Just the day before yesterday, Cain was out for work when he heard two young children about the age of ten years old arguing with one another. One of the boys scolded his friend and called him a pathetic j**k. However, the other kid had quickly turned around and yelled, “I am not a pathetic j**k! Marcus Lloyd is the real pathetic j**k!”

As soon as Cain heard this, he stepped forward and gave the kid a tight slap across his face. The young boy fell to the ground without knowing what was happening. When the young boy’s father came up to confront Cain about this matter, he ordered his driver and bodyguard to beat him up. The man was beaten up so badly that he was eventually sent to the hospital.

However, there were still so many people who were mocking and making fun of Marcus in Aurouss Hilll. How could he possibly stop them all?

Furthermore, there were many people that Cain simply could not afford to offend in Aurouss Hilll.

This kind of humiliation made Cain feel as though he wanted to k**l someone. If it was not because Albert was much more powerful compared to him, he would have already brought his men over here with him to chop Albert up and make mincemeat out of him.

This was the reason Cain felt as though he was boiling in anger when he saw Albert at this time. There was a fiery expression in his eyes because he was meeting his enemy face to face.

Truthfully, Albert did not expect to see this guy here at all. After all, Donald had simply asked him to set up a table for him to host a dinner here tonight. Donald did not give him the list of guests that would be attending the dinner.