The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 624

Read The Amazing Son in Law [by Lord Leaf] Chapter 624 – Besides that, even if the girls admired him or were interested in him, their family might not necessarily be able to accept him into their families.

Donald sighed before he said, “I received news from home that your younger brother’s condition is not very optimistic now.”

“What’s wrong?” Sean hurriedly asked. “Did his condition deteriorate any further?”

“No, that did not happen.” Donald continued speaking, “His illness is the same as it was before. He still has to eat s**t every hour. However, it seems as though your brother’s emotional and mental condition is in very bad shape. In the past, he would feel like committing s*****e if he did not get to eat s**t every hour. However, now, whenever he has finished eating s**t and regained his consciousness, he would feel like committing s*****e. He said that it is too painful and pointless for him to continue living like this.”

Donald could only sigh after he was done speaking. He really did not know who Kian had offended and why he would end up the way he was now.

Sean gritted his teeth as he said, “If I were to catch the man who harmed my brother and made him this way, I will definitely take his life!”


Even though Sean was saying this, what he desired the most was not to avenge or look for a cure for his younger brother. What Sean wanted the most at this time was to win Jasmine over.

In fact, Sean did not really care about his younger brother’s situation.

On the contrary, he felt as though it would be best for him if his brother continued to remain in this condition and state of mind.

This was because he would not need to worry about having an absolute competitor to inherit the family fortune in the future.

If Kian continued to remain this way and no cure was found, Kian would never be able to inherit any family assets or property in his life. He would only end up getting locked up in the house by his family just so they could sustain and keep him alive.

That way, Sean would have the opportunity to inherit the Webb family fortune all by himself.

Donald sighed again as he said, “Sean, you don’t have to worry about your brother’s affairs. I will investigate and look into this matter myself. You should focus on pursuing Jasmine with all your heart and might. You have to make sure that you win Jasmine over. Do you understand?”

Sean hurriedly nodded. “I understand, Dad!”

Donald hummed before he said, “I set something up in The Heaven Springs today. The people I have invited to attend the banquet dinner tonight are the head of the White family, the Quinton family, the Lloyd family, the Zimmerman family, and the Kline family. These families have been rooted in Aurouss Hilll for many years, and each of these families has their own merits, strengths, connections, and resources.”

“I also invited the owner of The Heaven Springs, Don Albertt, to join us for dinner tonight. He is the mobster boss of the underground world in Aurouss Hilll. Even though he may appear scary and not have a prestigious identity, he knows about almost everything that is going on in Aurouss Hilll. Most of the things in Aurouss Hilll will not be able to escape his eyes. Therefore, I believe that as long as you form a close connection to these people tonight, it will definitely be of great use to you in your pursuit of Jasmine in the future.”

Sean only knew about the White family and the Quinton family, and he knew that the head of these two households was none other than Zeke White and Graham Quinton. He knew of their families’ wealth and power, but he did not know much about the other families that his father had just mentioned. Therefore, he quickly asked, “Dad, aside from the White family and the Quinton family, what are the origins of the Lloyd, Zimmerman, and Kline family?”

Donald laughed before he replied, “The Zimmerman family and the Kline family are ordinary families who gained their wealth and influence through real estate development. There is nothing extraordinary about them, but the Lloyd family is a little more interesting. Their family runs a financial company, and most of what they are doing is actually illegal. In fact, they could be categorized as a form of a loan shark. They have just emerged over the past two years and have also supported a large number of gangsters and thugs who are in the debt collection field.”

Sean was very surprised and asked, “Does that mean that he is similar in nature to Don Albertt then?”

“Yes, they are similar in nature.” Donald nodded before he continued speaking, “However, the Lloyd family’s strength cannot be compared to Don Albertt. Don Albertt has many men under his control in the whole of Aurouss Hilll. The number of men working for Don Albertt is dozens of times more than Cain Lloyd’s collection team. Therefore, even though Cain hates Don Albertt to the core, he does not dare to do anything to him at all.”

“Cain hates Don Albertt?” Sean asked in surprise. “Did something happen between both of them?”

Donald smiled before he said, “It seems as though there was a big conflict between them. Cain has an only child named Marcus. It seems that some time ago, Marcus seriously offended Don Albertt. In order to punish Marcus for his actions, Don Albertt carved two words directly onto Marcus’s forehead.”

“What words?”

“Pathetic j**k!”