The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 613

Read The Amazing Son in Law [by Lord Leaf] Chapter 613 – While Christopher indulged in his imagination, thinking about how to make Elaine Ma his long-term cash withdrawal machine, Lady Wilson walked in from the outside with a gloomy expression.

Christopher jumped from his seat and greeted, “Mom, you’re home! How’s everything?”

Lady Wilson huffed indignantly and said, “The bank will soon start the bankruptcy liquidation process, they said that it will start next Monday. Once the process starts, they will seize this house. Where is the eight million that you promised? Why haven’t you transferred it to me yet?!”

Christopher chuckled pretentiously. “Mom, stop rushing me. Didn’t I tell you that the money is stuck in the fixed deposit account? My fund manager is trying to withdraw it as soon as possible. I promised that I’ll give you the money, just be patient.”

If possible, he didn’t want to give his mother even a penny. However, something changed his mind.

He depended on Lady Wilson to inherit the anonymous assets that Lady Wilson had hidden away, including the millions in life insurance after her d***h, several million jewelry in her personal possession, and his father’s antiques worth more than twenty million.

He understood his mother very well. Those jewelry and antiques were her last straw, she would never use them to save the company. Moreover, no one knew where these things were kept except for her. She must have shifted these things to a safe place a long time ago so that when the bank and court order came to seize the company and property, they would never find these things.

If he had a fallout with his mother now, his mother might not leave the inheritance to him. So, no matter what, he had to give the eight million dollars up!

When Linda sold Charlie Wade’s Thompson First villa, he could give Lady Wilson the eight million!

Lady Wilson couldn’t read his mind, but hearing his excuses, she huffed in agitation, “Chris, I raised you. I know something’s brewing in your mind just by looking at your expression. Don’t you dare drag this matter and keep the money for yourself! If you don’t give me the money, I’ll move to Jacob Wilson’s house tomorrow. When I d*e, I’ll leave my life insurance, jewelry, and your father’s antiques to Jacob Wilson! Don’t say I didn’t warn you!”

Christopher panicked. Just as he thought, his mother threatened him with the inheritance. He quickly walked to his mother and comforted, “Mom, what are you talking about? Since I’ve already promised you, I’ll definitely give you the money. I’ll give it as soon as today and tomorrow at the latest, okay?”

Lady Wilson crashed down on the sofa and said, “Okay, bring me the money now!”

Christopher spread his arms, frowning. “Mom, I really don’t have the money now… Don’t worry, I’ll give it to you tomorrow!”

Before he could finish, Lady Wilson yelped in agony and cried, “Argh! Tomorrow, tomorrow! You ungrateful b*stard, how dare you to keep pushing the word tomorrow in my face! I’ve raised you for nothing!”

Christopher patted the old woman’s hand and said gently, “Mom, relax, stop yelling. I really don’t have the money, it is with Hannah! She has gone out today to settle the matter. When she comes back, I’ll give it to you no later than tomorrow!”

Lady Wilson stopped crying and asked, “It’s getting late, why hasn’t she returned?”

“I’m not sure. She had gone out to the bank, she should be back soon…”

Then, he took out his phone and sent Hannah a message, “Dear, where are you now? Are you on the way home?”

Yet, he did not receive any reply.

He frowned in confusion and said, “Mom, I’ll call Hannah now.”

He called Hannah and turned on the speakerphone, and a system reminder resonated, “Sorry, the person you have called is unavailable.”

“Huh, that’s weird. See, Mom? You heard it, her phone must be out of battery, I can’t get through to her…”

“Continue to call until you get through!” Lady Wilson chided angrily, “Let me warn you, don’t you try to fool me. Give me the phone, I’ll call her myself!”

Christopher sighed helplessly and handed the phone to his mother. “Here, you call her.”