The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 612

Read The Amazing Son in Law [by Lord Leaf] Chapter 612 – Charlie Wade smiled at him. After finding out that Claire Wilson Wilson and Elaine Ma were not in the living room, he asked, “Have Claire Wilson Wilson and Mom returned?”

“No and yes,” Jacob Wilson gestured indifferently and said, “Your mom went into the room as soon as she came home, saying that she was not feeling well. I wonder what’s wrong with her, she must have lost money playing mahjong and is heartbroken!”

Charlie Wade nodded and asked attentively, “Dad, don’t you want to check on her? Just in case?”

“Argh, forget it.” Jacob Wilson gestured, unconcerned. “She only knows playing mahjong and nothing else, I’m sick of it. Even if she loses, it’s only about several thousand, just leave her be. She’ll know how to slow down after crying for two days!”

Charlie Wade tried to stifle his laugh.

Several thousand?

Dad, you should multiply that by eight thousand!

Your wife has lost more than sixty million today!

Now that he thought about it, he couldn’t help but sigh at Elaine Ma’s stupidity. She had lost more than sixty million in a mahjong game with those aunties. What kind of i***t must she be to have made such a horrifying mistake?

Meanwhile, at the Wilson family villa, just like Jacob Wilson, Christopher was sitting comfortably on a recliner in the living room, sipping tea and humming gleeful songs while waiting for Hannah’s triumphant return.

There was no doubt that Christopher and Jacob Wilson were brothers. The way they celebrated happy moments was almost the same.

Christopher was looking at his phone and giggled every time he read the message that Hannah had sent him an hour ago.

The message read, “Dear, Elaine Ma’s two million dollars in savings, her house that she currently lives in, and the jade bangle worth five million are in our hands now! She has also mortgaged the Thompson First villa to us as collateral for her debts, Charlie Wade is sending us the housing contract now! We’re going to be rich!”

Christopher made a brief calculation in his mind. Excluding the miscellaneous things, the villa alone could sell for at least a hundred and twenty million. When they divided the money by four, he would get nearly fifty million!

Fifty million, that was more than enough!

At that time, if he added in his cash, Elaine Ma’s current house, and the jade bangle, they could get a few million more. By then, they would get more than fifty million!

In addition to the fifteen million dollars he had in his account, it would add up to nearly seventy million!

The money would be enough for him to enjoy his lavish life for a long time even if the Wilson family were to go bankrupt!

He even started planning on how he would spend the money.

First of all, he would give his mother eight million.

The old lady had been bugging him continuously because of the eight million. He could only comfort her by saying that the fund manager needed two days’ time to withdraw the money from their fixed deposit account and assured her that he would transfer the money to the Wilson Group’s account as soon as he received the money.

So, he decided he would give eight million to his mother and shut her up forever after Hannah cheated Elaine Ma of her money.

As for the remaining money, he would keep it a secret and must not let his mother know of its existence. He planned to buy a mansion and move in after the family goes bankrupt.

Christopher was extremely happy when his imagination ran wild in his head. He sighed in a grin, “Sigh, Elaine Ma, you btch, how dare you be so cocky with us after getting the villa, huh? Do you feel the pain now? Serve you right, btch! Think of the losses as compensation for our emotional damages!”

He didn’t feel a bit of sadness or sorrow for making Elaine Ma bankrupt.

This b*tch deserved to be cheated and scammed!

In fact, he should think of a way to scam her money every time she had money in her pocket and turn her into their long-term income source!