The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 600

Read The Amazing Son in Law [by Lord Leaf] Chapter 600 – Hudson was trembling in fright at this time and he quickly said to Charlie Wade, “Mr. Wade, I was wrong! I was fooled by my second aunt. She had asked me to do this. She was the one who set up the trap for your mother-in-law. I was completely deceived and used by her…”

At this time, Charlie Wade gave Hudson a tight slap across his face before he said coldly, “If you dare to say another word before the twelve rings is over, I will ask Albert to chop you up into a hundred pieces!”

Hudson was frightened by Charlie Wade’s fierce gaze and he shut his mouth immediately.

Charlie Wade looked at the five broken fingers on his right hand before he said, “Your right hand is almost done. Come on, are you ready?”

After he was done speaking, Charlie Wade grabbed his wrist before he flipped it with a fierce force!


Hudson’s right wrist was completely broken.

Hudson’s legs softened and he fell to the ground with a thump!

He wanted to beg for mercy but he did not dare to say a word when he thought about what Charlie Wade had just said to him.

However, this piercing pain made him feel as though he was on the verge of collapsing.

At this time, Charlie Wade said, “Twelve rings. That was just six rings. There are still another six rings that I want to give you.”

After he was done speaking, Charlie Wade bent over before he grabbed Hudson’s left hand.

Hudson looked at Charlie Wade with tears in his eyes but he did not dare to say anything at all. He simply looked at Charlie Wade with a pitiful expression in his eyes as he shook his head to beg Charlie Wade for mercy.

Charlie Wade gave him a cruel smile.

After that, he grabbed Hudson’s left thumb before he said, “The seventh ring!”

Hudson trembled in pain!

Charlie Wade did not give him a chance to react and he continued, “Come, the eighth ring!”

Hudson felt that he was about to faint because he was in so much pain.

However, the ninth ring awakened him immediately.

The expression on Charlie Wade’s face was extremely terrifying and cruel.

Charlie Wade patted Hudson’s face gently before he smiled and said, “There are four more rings. Make sure you don’t miss it!”

Immediately afterwards, he heard another click!

This kind of disciplinary action was equivalent to cutting meat with a dull knife. Even Albert was shocked at this scene.

“There are three more rings!”

Linda was p*******d with fear at this time.

She could only imagine that it would be her turn to suffer after her nephew was done enduring Charlie Wade’s twelve rings.

Hannah wanted to escape as soon as she could but she was quickly dragged by into the living room by one of Albert’s men who pointed a pistol at her head as he kicked her to the ground.

Hannah was almost frightened to d***h when the black muzzle was pointed directly at her forehead.

At this time, Hudson had already endured eleven rings.

The ten fingers on both his hands were already like beans hanging from a vine—they were completely limp. He could not move any of his fingers at all.

Now, he was only able to move his left wrist.

Charlie Wade said to him, “Come, this is the last ring!”

Hudson was in so much pain that he could not even kneel down anymore. He could only let Charlie Wade grab his left wrist before he broke it directly.

Twelve rings!

Hudson could only howl in pain.

He knew that he was already a useless person in future. His wrists and all of his ten fingers were limp and useless. So, what else could he do in the future?

Continue to be a gangster?

Could he even hold a knife in future?

He would be hacked to d***h by his enemies in the blink of an eye!

Charlie Wade squatted down in front of Hudson as he said coldly, “You still have two legs and feet. If you do not answer my question well, I will make sure to give you another twelve rings!”

Hudson turned pale immediately and he quickly replied, “I’ll answer all of your questions seriously no matter what you ask me!”

Charlie Wade nodded before he glanced at Hannah and Linda who were trembling in fear. After that, he asked in a cold voice, “Tell me clearly about everything that happened today. If you miss out any single detail, I’ll make sure that both your legs are useless by the end of the night!”