The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 591

Read The Amazing Son in Law [by Lord Leaf] Chapter 591 – Hannah already knew that Zeke was the one who had given Charlie Wade the villa at Thompson First.

Therefore, she knew that she would have to push Elaine Ma to the limit if she wanted to win the villa at Thompson First over from Elaine Ma.

Hannah knew that Charlie Wade would not sit back and watch idly if Elaine Ma did something so unreasonable.

At that time, she would finally have the opportunity to take over the villa.

Therefore, Hannah told Elaine Ma, “You have already lost so much money. I think that it will be very difficult for you to win back all your money if we continue betting only ten thousand dollars. Why don’t we raise the bet instead? How about fifty thousand dollars? Anyway, you have enough money to cover your losses with the villa, but if you win, you can easily win back all your money in just two games!”

Elaine Ma had already lost all of her reasoning at this point, and she simply wanted to win all of her money back. Upon hearing this, Elaine Ma immediately nodded in agreement as she blurted out, “Alright, then! Let’s bet fifty thousand dollars instead!”

Linda said, “But you don’t have the house deed for the villa, right?”

Elaine Ma replied, “It does not matter at all. The villa belongs to my son-in-law, and anything that my son-in-law owns belongs to me!”

Linda shook her head as she said, “I think there is no way I can give you money for a mortgage without the house deed. It is simply too risky for me.”

After that, Linda stretched out five fingers as she said, “Well, why don’t you sign an agreement stating that you will mortgage the villa to me instead? I can lend you fifty million in total. I will give five million dollars to you first, and I will transfer another five million to you each time you lose it all.”

Elaine Ma nodded before she said, “Alright then, I will mortgage the villa to you for fifty million dollars! Fifty million dollars should be more than enough for me to win my money back!”

Linda smiled slightly before she said, “Okay, then! We can continue playing after we sign the agreement.”

At this time, Elaine Ma quickly signed the agreement to put down the Villa A05 at Thompson First as a mortgage for fifty million dollars without any hesitation. After that, Linda transferred five million dollars to her.

As a result, Elaine Ma lost five million dollars after only playing another three rounds of mahjong!

Linda smiled before she said, “Oh, don’t worry. You have another forty-five million dollars. I will transfer another five million dollars to you!”

After that, Linda transferred the five million dollars that she had just won back into Elaine Ma’s bank account.

After a few more rounds, Elaine Ma had lost the second batch of five million dollars.

Elaine Ma was about to collapse at this point.

In the blink of an eye, she had already lost her savings of more than two million dollars, her house, and she had already lost ten million dollars after putting Charlie Wade’s Thompson First villa down for mortgage…

G******g was, in itself, a psychological black hole. Once someone falls into it, it would be very difficult for the person to climb out of it. Instead, the person would gradually be consumed and swallowed by the black hole.

This was the reason why it was difficult for many g******g addicts to get a hold of their lives. This was because they had no control over their own state of mind at all.

This was also the same case for Elaine Ma.

She had already put everything she had into this game, and she simply wanted to continue g******g because she knew that she had to turn things over and win back everything she had lost.

However, it was impossible for her to win in a carefully planned game. She was simply a lamb that was getting s*********d over and over again without any possibility of turning over and making a comeback.

Five million dollars, come and gone, one after the other.