The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 589

Read The Amazing Son in Law [by Lord Leaf] Chapter 589 – Elaine Ma had completely fallen into a pit. She did not realize that she had already fallen into a trap. All she could think about was how she could win her money back.

Therefore, Elaine Ma got very nervous when she heard that Linda did not want to continue playing anymore. At this time, she blurted out immediately, “How can we stop playing just because you want to stop playing now?! We already agreed to play another eight rounds! We have only played three rounds now!”

Linda replied helplessly, “Sister Elaine Ma, it’s not that I do not want to play with you anymore. However, the point is that you do not have the money to play with us anymore!”

After she was done speaking, Linda said, “Why don’t we take a step back instead? Why don’t you settle this account first and then, we can play a smaller game? I will still accompany you to play even if it is a one thousand dollars or one hundred dollars game. Will that be fine?”

“One thousand dollars? One hundred dollars?” Elaine Ma blurted out anxiously. “How could we do that? How can I possibly win my money back if we are only going to place such small bets?”

Linda replied helplessly, “Well, if you want to continue betting ten thousand dollars, you have to take out your money first. Otherwise, I do not want to play anymore and we will just stop playing today.”

Hannah hurriedly stepped in and said, “Sister Linda, Elaine Ma really does not have so much money on hand. Since we are all friends, why don’t you give her a way out?”

After that, Hannah secretly winked at Linda.

Linda immediately understood what Hannah was trying to tell her. “Alright then, I will give you face today because of Hannah. If you do not have any more cash, you can use something else of equal value as a mortgage instead.”

As soon as Linda said these words, Elaine Ma suddenly felt as though she had been given a way out of h**l.

Elaine Ma hurriedly replied, “The house that I am living in now is a small three-bedroom apartment. I think it should be worth two million dollars at least. Is it okay if I mortgage the house to you?”

“That would be fine!” Linda smiled before she said, “However, you have to bring me the house deed first. After that, you have to write me a mortgage contract.”

Elaine Ma blurted out immediately, “Okay, then. Wait for me. I will go home and bring the house deed over to you right now!”

After she was done speaking, Elaine Ma hurriedly got up to leave.

Linda hurriedly stopped her as she said, “Hey! Sister Elaine Ma, don’t leave in such a hurry. You have not paid me the five hundred and sixty thousand dollars that you lost to me just now.”

Elaine Ma checked the balance in her bank account and realized that she only had two hundred and sixty thousand dollars left. Therefore, she said, “Sister Linda, I only have two hundred and sixty thousand dollars left in my bank account. Can I transfer this amount to you first? After that, I will go home and bring my house deed over and you can deduct the rest of the money that I owe you from the amount that I will get from my mortgage. Is that okay?”

“That would be fine.” Linda said, “Why don’t you write me an IOU for three hundred thousand dollars first? After that, you can go home and bring your house deed over. Otherwise, what would I do if you refused to pay me the three hundred thousand dollars that you owed me after you leave? Am I right?”

At this time, Elaine Ma simply wanted to go home and take her house deed so that she could continue playing mahjong with them. She wanted to win her money back from them! Therefore, as soon as she had heard Linda’s words, she nodded without any hesitation at all as she said, “Okay, then! I will write you the IOU now!”

Linda immediately brought a piece of paper and pen over before Elaine Ma wrote an IOU for three hundred thousand dollars on it. Linda finally let her go when she pressed her fingerprint on the IOU.

Elaine Ma drove home in a hurry as soon as she left the villa at Thompson First.

Elaine Ma knew that her daughter was probably still busy at work, and her husband and son-in-law would still be out for her husband’s class reunion. Therefore, she was certain that they would not find out she had taken the house deed if she returned home and left immediately.

That way, she would be able to turn things around by continuing the mahjong game with her friends.

Very soon, Elaine Ma returned to the villa at Thompson First with the house deed in her hands.

After getting the house deed, Linda immediately searched for the market value of a house in the same community on her cell phone. At this time, she found out that the lowest price for a house of the same value was only one million and eight hundred dollars.

Therefore, she looked at Elaine Ma as she said, “Sister Elaine Ma, the bank generally recognizes only ninety percent of the market value of the house whenever they accept any mortgage. The market value for your house is one million and eight hundred thousand dollars. So, even if you mortgage your house, you will only get one million six hundred and twenty thousand dollars.”

All Elaine Ma wanted at this point was to continue playing mahjong with them so that she could turn things around. Therefore, she blurted out immediately, “Alright then, I will mortgage my house to you for one million six hundred and twenty thousand dollars. After deducting the three hundred thousand dollars that I owe you, you can just transfer one million three hundred and twenty thousand dollars to me. We can continue playing after that. What do you think?”

Linda replied, “That will be fine, but we will have to draw up a mortgage contract first. Otherwise, I am afraid that you will refuse to acknowledge it when you lose the house to me later.”

Elaine Ma said anxiously, “Alright then, let’s hurry up and sign the mortgage contract now so we can continue playing already!”

After that, Elaine Ma signed a mortgage contract with Linda and also pressed her fingerprint on the contract. After the mortgage contract had been signed, Linda transferred one million three hundred and twenty thousand dollars to Elaine Ma.

Linda did not care about that money at all because she knew that even though she was transferring those one million three hundred and twenty thousand dollars to Elaine Ma, it would all come back to her soon.