The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 577

Read The Amazing Son in Law [by Lord Leaf] Chapter 577 – ”You…you…”

Aaron was so mad and furious at his son-in-law, Jake, that his chest was rising and falling violently at this time.

He never would have dreamt that the son-in-law he had always loved and admired would suddenly become a vicious jackass who wanted him d**d!

He shuddered as he cursed out loud, “Jake! I must have been blind to allow my daughter to marry an ungrateful brat like you!”

Why would Jake care about the fact that Aaron was his father-in-law now?

He was even more afraid that Charlie Wade and Albert were truly going to k**l him! He would really lose everything then!

If someone had to pay the price and d*e today, Jake would rather the victim be his father-in-law than himself!

After all, today’s events had all been caused by that old man. If he had not asked him to cause trouble for Jacob Wilson and his son-in-law, Charlie Wade, why would he have even ended up in this situation now?

Therefore, Jake pointed his finger at Aaron before saying, “Aaron, you old dog! The only reason why I offended Mr. Wade and Don Albertt today was all because of you! You were the one who instructed me to do so! Therefore, it is only fair and right that you should d*e instead! Why? Why should I d*e because of you?”

“You fool!” Aaron waved his hand in a flurry before he said, “Oh, Charlie Wade. Don’t listen to that b*stard who is spouting nonsense. I did not instruct him to target you or your father-in-law at all. He was the one who wanted to find and cause trouble for you. Do not fall for his lies and be fooled by him!”

Jake continued crying as he yelled, “Mr. Wade, you have to keep your eyes wide open! Just think about it. I have no grievances or grudges against you at all. So, why would I mock you and cause trouble for you for no reason whatsoever?

This is all because of Aaron! He was jealous of your father-in-law because he got the woman that he always wanted.

He could not let go of his hatred and jealousy even after so many years, and he has always been thinking of taking revenge. That is the reason why he asked me to deal with you and to cause trouble for you and your father-in-law. He is trying to shirk the responsibility now, but you should not let him go so easily. You have to teach him a lesson!”

Charlie Wade nodded before he said lightly, “Don’t worry. He will surely suffer a very terrible and miserable fate. He can rot in p****n just for the crime of his greed and taking advantage of his position to take other people’s money for himself. He will definitely be arrested for his crimes tonight!”

As soon as Aaron heard Charlie Wade’s words, his heart shook, and his legs softened immediately. He knelt to the ground with a thump before he started begging for mercy. “Charlie Wade, Charlie Wade, please do not send me to p****n. You know that an old man like me will not survive much longer. Please just let me off.”

Charlie Wade ignored Aaron and simply looked at Jake before he asked faintly, “Weren’t you asking me to spare your life?”

Jake hurriedly nodded like a clove of garlic that was being pounded as he said, “Yes, Mr. Wade. I beg you… please have mercy on me…”

Charlie Wade replied, “Of course, I will be more than willing to spare your life. However, I already told you just now that there is going to be a classic drama where a son-in-law is going to beat up his old man. So, I believe you know what you have to do, then?”

How could Jake not understand the meaning behind Charlie Wade’s words?

At this time, Jake was already filled with hatred for Aaron who was trying to push the responsibility to him. Therefore, he really did not care that the latter was his father-in-law anymore. Jake quickly broke free from Don Albertt’s bodyguard before he rushed at Aaron and punched him in his face.

As Aaron was already an old man, he fell to the ground and yelled in pain as soon as Jake punched him.

Jake was filled with hatred and tremendous anger, and he was also keen to put on a good performance for Charlie Wade so that he would be able to reduce the anger that Charlie Wade felt toward him. Therefore, he did not give his father-in-law any face at all.

Instead, he hit his father-in-law really hard, and he continued hitting him with all of his might and strength.

Aaron was already an old man, and he was not Jake’s opponent at all. Therefore, he could only yell out in pain as he begged for mercy when Jake continued hitting and punching him in the face.

Still, why would Jake care about him even if he was begging for mercy at this time?

After he was done, Jake cursed, “You old dog! You are the main culprit! This is all your fault! I’m going to k**l you!”