The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 573

Read The Amazing Son in Law [by Lord Leaf] Chapter 573 – Albert was at The Heaven Springs at this time.

Donald, the wealthiest and most powerful man in the South Region had reserved the Diamond Box in The Heaven Springs tonight as he prepared to entertain the head of some of the most prestigious families in Aurouss Hilll.

Albert knew that the Webb family was even wealthier and more powerful than the Moore family. Therefore, he did not dare to neglect Donald’s orders and personally supervised the chef who was preparing the dishes in The Heaven Springs.

As he was arranging for the food preparations, he suddenly received a phone call from Jake. At this time, he asked impatiently, “Yes, what do you want? Hurry up and speak! I am busy over here.”

In Albert’s eyes, Jake was nothing more than his lapdog. He did not care about Jake the slightest bit because he had so many lap dogs around him anyway.

Jake knew that he could not afford to offend Albert. Therefore, he said humbly, “Don Albertt, I am at the Glorious Club at the moment. I would like to ask you for a favor.”

Albert asked immediately, “What’s the matter?”

Jake hurriedly replied, “I wanted to bring my old man here to enjoy himself tonight, but it seems as though all the rooms on the seventh floor are already full. My membership card is the Silver membership card that you helped me obtain before this.

Therefore, I cannot go up to any higher floors at all. I would like to ask you to help me to book a room on the eighth floor if it is not too inconvenient for you. After all, you own a VIP membership card here, and your membership is much more honorable than mine!”

Albert replied faintly, “Maybe another day. I have something to do at The Heaven Springs today, so I cannot go to the Glorious Club right now.”

At this time, Jake hurriedly pleaded, “Don Albertt, please do me this favor. The Heaven Springs is not too far from the Glorious Club, I think you can get here in five minutes by car. Could you please make a trip here for my sake? My father-in-law and more than twenty of his classmates are waiting here with me…”

As he spoke, Jake pleaded once again, “Don Albertt, please help me just this once. Otherwise, I would not know where to hide my face anymore…”

Albert really did not want to help Jake book the room, however, he recalled that Jake was a tool that he could use to launder his g******g money. Therefore, Albert felt that he should give him some warmth sometimes so that he would continue to be grateful to him.

Moreover, The Heaven Springs was indeed not too far away from the Glorious Club. It would probably only take him about ten minutes to reach there. Therefore, Albert decided to go and help Jake out instead. “Okay then, I will come over now.”

Jake was very excited at this time and he blurted out, “Thank you! Thank you, Don Albertt! I will be waiting for you in the lobby on the first floor!”

After hanging up the phone, Jake looked at the waitress with an arrogant expression on his face as he said, “Did you hear that? Don Albertt is coming over to help me book a room! You’d better be careful!”

The waitress was a little nervous but she calmly replied, “I am sorry, sir, but we have to do everything per the rules of the club. Even if you invite Miss Moore here tonight, I will still have to do things the same way because I have a clear conscience.”

The expression on Jake’s face was very ugly as he said, “You honestly think you are so great, huh? Are you using Miss Moore to try and crush me?”

The waitress replied immediately, “I do not dare to do so. I am simply telling you the facts.”

“Huh!” Jake gave her a disgusted look before he turned around and told his father-in-law and his friends, “Uncles, please just wait for a moment. I have invited the famous Don Albertt from Aurouss Hilll to come over and help us book a room on the eighth floor! The eighth floor is even more luxurious than the seventh floor!”

The crowd of people started cheering and praising him immediately.

Many of the old men gave Jake a thumbs up because they were all already looking forward to seeing the eighth floor of the Glorious Club!

Charlie Wade could not help but feel that this situation was very hilarious.

This Jake really wanted to d*e faster!