The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 570

Read The Amazing Son in Law [by Lord Leaf] Chapter 570 – Everyone’s eyes started turning red, and some of them even cried a little. “Oh, Mr. Lee. Please don’t, you don’t have to apologize to us…”

Mr. Lee plastered a warm smile on his face. “I’ve been through thick and thin for all my life, I’ve witnessed your growth, I’ve witnessed the development of the country. I have nothing much to say but this, ‘be contented with a simple and virtuous life, delight in wisdom’. I’m still a poor old man after years of teaching, but my lifetime ideology is to live happily and be content with no regrets!”

Loud applause shook the classroom. Everyone cheered, especially Jacob Wilson. He felt that Mr. Lee was the beacon to show the way after hearing what he said.

Although he didn’t have much money, indulging himself in the antiques and cultural relics was his way to pursue happiness, so he was glad about it.

Of course, there was still a source of pain in his life, and that was Elaine Ma.

Mr. Lee shuddered slightly as he gave everyone a lecture about ancient language history on stage. Then, as he panted heavily, everyone quickly helped him down.

They were satisfied to be able to listen to their beloved lecturer’s class, so they were grateful for his effort.

Aaron started, “Hey, since everyone’s wish for a lecture has been granted and it’s such a rare opportunity for us to get together, I’ll let Jake reserve a place for us to relax and have fun.”

Then, he turned to Jake and asked, “By the way, Jake, do you have any recommendations? I want the best venue!”

Jake nodded and said, “There is a clubhouse called the Glorious Club that was recently opened in Aurouss Hilll which belongs to the Moore family. It is said to be the largest and most luxurious entertainment hub in the city. I’m one of their members, so we can continue our party there! It’s on my tab!”

The crowd gasped and grinned when they heard that Jake was a member of the Glorious Club!

The clubhouse was truly extraordinary and exquisite!

It was known to be the most upscale venue in Aurouss Hilll, and its members were prominent figures in the city.

In other words, if you were not at the top of the social pyramid in Aurouss Hilll, you would never be eligible to be a member of the club.

The requirement of the membership of the club was also an important reference for determining the person’s status in society. Jake was certainly outstanding to be one of their members at such a young age!

Moreover, everyone had heard of the Glorious Club, but apart from Jake, none of them was a member. Not just a member, they didn’t even have the chance to enter the club and experience what the luxurious leisure club in the city was like.

Now, thanks to Jake, they could finally enter the club and see for themselves. It would be the best chance for them to show off if they could take pictures inside the club and upload it on their social media!

Hence, the crowd started flattering Jake again.

Jake, of course, was enjoying the attention he gained yet again. The membership of the Glorious Club was his latest tool to flaunt himself and had proved effective every time!

Whenever he announced that he was a member of the club, he would be showered with praises and compliments that he enjoyed dearly.

However, he had not gotten the membership because he was qualified. Instead, he had begged Don Albertt several times for a favor, and Don Albertt had finally helped him to register as a member.

Don Albertt would not have done such a thing had it not been for using him as a money-laundering machine.

After all, in Albert’s eyes, this kind of person was no different from Axel Jordan, the guy who created a scam out of the P2P scheme. They were just his dogs who executed tasks for him.

For these dogs to stay loyal and keep bringing him wealth and fame, he had to throw them a few bones and treats once in a while.

This way, these dogs would work harder!