The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 57

Read The Amazing Son in Law [by Lord Leaf] Chapter 57 – Charlie Wade, Claire Wilson Wilson, and Loreen sat together at the same table. Clinton joined them and sat beside Loreen.

He asked Loreen with a wide smile as soon as he sat down, “Loreen, I heard that you’ve come to Aurouss Hilll to work for Emgrand Group, is that true?”

Loreen nodded. “Yes, I just started.”

Clinton smiled even wider. “What a coincidence! My dad is the deputy general manager of a department in Emgrand! I’ll ask him to look after you at work.”

Many people exclaimed in surprise, “Wow, Clinton, your dad is the deputy general manager of Emgrand Group?”

“Yup!” Clinton nodded proudly. “He was promoted last year.”

Someone quickly said in a flattering tone, “The annual salary of a deputy general manager must be several million dollars, right? That’s amazing!

It’s no wonder your family is so rich!”

Clinton laughed and said, “That’s just the wages. My dad has quite a vast

authority and a lot of side incomes. You guys must have heard about the

luxurious hotel project from Emgrand Group, right? When the project is done, my dad can earn at least ten to twenty million.”

A guy sitting opposite him hurriedly asked, “Clinton, I want to join Emgrand Group so badly but I never did get any news from them after submitting my resume several times. Could you please talk to your dad and see if he could perhaps make an internal recommendation?”

Clinton nodded and said casually, “Sure! Forward me your resume, I’ll talk to my dad about it.”

Charlie Wade couldn’t help but frown. He didn’t know that Clinton’s father held such a high position in Emgrand Group. It was quite surprising news.

This was getting more and more interesting. He would send Doris a message

later, telling her to fire Clinton’s father.

He asked tentatively, “Clinton, since your father is so powerful in Emgrand Group, why doesn’t he get you in?”

Clinton sneered disdainfully. “What the h*ll do you know, l***r? If I join Emgrand Group, I can’t hide my relationship with my father and people will keep their eyes on me every time. It’s no fun.”

Then, he shifted into a smug position and said, “So, it never crossed my mind to join the group. I own a company that supplies building materials now, so I can get a deal with the group through my dad and provide them building materials!”

“D*mn!” Someone exclaimed, “You must be making a lot of money by then?”

Clinton snorted. “Nah, it’s nothing worth mentioning, maybe several million in a year.”

Then, he turned to Charlie Wade and asked in a pretentious tone, “Charlie Wade, what do you work as right now? Don’t tell me you’ve been doing household chores ever since you ‘married’ Claire Wilson Wilson, huh?”

Everyone on the table laughed at his remark.

Charlie Wade simply shrugged and said flatly, “Yes, in addition to doing laundry and cooking, I can send my wife to and back from work and give her massages every day. It’s fun and enjoyable.”

Clinton almost exploded inside like his car. How dare this shameless b*stard be so proud and casual about it?

He succumbed his anger, gritted his teeth, and said, “Charlie Wade, I didn’t know that you were such a happy moocher!”

“So?” Charlie Wade answered smugly, “I didn’t steal, I didn’t rob, I mooch off her with household chores, why can’t I be happy about it?”

The people that were laughing suddenly fell silent, dumbstruck.

They hadn’t seen such a shameless person before!

The most important point was that they were envious of him!

After all, Claire Wilson Wilson is so beautiful and elegant. It was a dream of many to be able to mooch off such a goddess-like woman!

They were so jealous and resentful!

What’s wrong with being a live-in husband if there was a chance to be with a beauty like Claire Wilson Wilson? It could be considered a success too!

Clinton almost choked on his own blood after Charlie Wade’s remark.

At this moment, Lily, Douglas’s fiancée, took the stage. She thanked everyone with a welcoming smile and said, “I’m so happy that you’ve all come to celebrate our grand opening today and for the gifts that you’ve brought us. Both Douglas and I are very moved and grateful. In order to express our gratitude, we’ve decided to announce the details of the gifts as a token of appreciation!”

It was a rather natural procedure to announce the pricing details of the gifts during an opening ceremony.