The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 564

Read The Amazing Son in Law [by Lord Leaf] Chapter 564 – The crowd gathered to walk into the school together. Someone asked Eric, “Hey, what did you talk about just now? It seemed to be an intense conversation.”

Eric laughed and said, “We were talking about Matilda Hall. By the way, will she come today?”

Someone laughed. “Jacob Wilson didn’t even ask this question, don’t be too nosy.”

“Well, I ask on behalf of him! Matilda was his first love, I wonder if he still remembers her after all these years.”

Aaron interjected with a sneer, “I bet he can’t forget Matilda for the rest of his life, given his dire and catastrophic life now.”

“Huh? What happened?” Someone asked curiously.

“I’ll tell you more in detail once we get to our classroom.”

Jacob Wilson huffed irritably, “Oh, can you just shut up for a second?”

Aaron chuckled and said, “But I want to talk about it, can you control my mouth?”

As they walked into the classroom, the group of men looked around them, and the nostalgic memories of their good times in university flooded their minds. Some of them even wept as soon as they walked into the room.

Aaron sat in his seat and sighed as if he was regretful before speaking, “To tell you guys the bitter truth, Matilda was just looking for an excuse to shun her admirers, that’s why she was together with Jacob Wilson. See, she went to the States right after graduation.”

Aaron huffed a breath and continued, “I heard that Jacob Wilson’s mother didn’t seem too fond of him, which was why he was a complete failure in life until he had a daughter. He thought that he could turn his life around with his daughter’s help, but who knew she found herself a l***r husband! I even heard that his son-in-law is an orphan and a moocher, so, compared to us, Jacob Wilson didn’t do so great after graduation.”

The guys were intrigued by the topic. They gathered around Aaron and wanted to know more about the details.

Charlie Wade scratched his nose in amusement, thinking that Aaron knew Jacob Wilson’s situation very well. He even knew his orphan status and the moocher thing. It looked like his resentment toward Jacob Wilson was indeed very deep!

Someone gaped in shock and said, “But why did Jacob Wilson become like this? He was the chairman of the student union and the top student in school, why did he end up like this?”

Jacob Wilson cursed angrily, “Aaron Philips, can you shut up?”

Jake giggled in amusement and said, “Uncle Wilson, why so serious? Everyone is just trying to have some fun, no one will take it seriously. Please try to be a little open-minded.”

Jacob Wilson was extremely gloomy and frustrated. The happiness came from the basis of his pain, what was so fun about it?

Aaron glanced at Jacob Wilson resentfully and smiled as he said, “That’s not the worst. Do you know what the worst thing is?”

“What?” the crowd asked simultaneously.

Aaron laughed. “The worst thing is, Jacob Wilson married a certain celebrity in our school! Guess who she is?”

Someone complained, “Ah, how can we guess that? We went to other places for work after graduation unlike you who has always been in Aurouss Hilll. Of course you would know more than we do!”

“That’s right. Enough with the cliffhanger, hurry up and spill the beans! We are all curious!”

Aaron laughed again before saying out loud, “He married Elaine Ma Parker, the number one vixen in our school back in those days!”