The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 560

Read The Amazing Son in Law [by Lord Leaf] Chapter 560 – Jacob Wilson stared at the man standing in front of him for a while before he laughed and said in surprise, “Oh my G*d, is that you, Eric? Eric Shaw? Wow, we haven’t seen each other for about 30 years! Look at you, so smart and handsome! You must be doing very well, huh!”

Eric shook his head. “Nah, I’m nothing compared to you, Jacob Wilson. You are, what the youngsters nowadays say, the rich kid on the block…”

The Wilson family had been a noble family name back in the days.

At that moment, Lord Wilson had been in his prime, earning his first pot of gold when he plunged into the business arena for the first time, subsequently earning himself an honored reputation too. Hence, Jacob Wilson was living a good life thanks to his father. His pocket money alone might be more than half of his classmates combined.

Because of this, he had attracted the attention of Elaine Ma from another class.

Jacob Wilson chuckled bashfully at his friend’s remark, but before he could say anything, another middle-aged man and a young man walked toward them.

The middle-aged man approached them and snorted, “Huh, rich kid my *ss! You guys don’t even know his current situation because you are not staying here… Let me tell you, the so-called Wilson family is done, and our Jacob Wilson here is not doing so well himself…”

Jacob Wilson’s expression turned a little gloomy. “Hey, Aaron, what’s your point? I live my life, you don’t have to poke your nose into my business.”

Eric cleared his throat and tried to ease the mood. “Hey, you guys, look at yourselves, white hair and all. It’s been such a long time, why are you two still behaving like Tom and Jerry? You always got on each other’s nerves back in college. Why, couldn’t any of you forget about the robbing girlfriend agenda?”

Jacob Wilson sneered and said with a proud look, “Huh, why do I have to get on his nerves? He is nothing but my defeated opponent. At that time, when she was dating me, Aaron was so jealous that he drank like there was no tomorrow in the dorm every day, crying when he was drunk. I know that he was so jealous of me to the point he wanted to k**l me so badly! Hahaha!”

At this moment, a lot of elderly people surrounded them. They laughed upon Jacob Wilson’s remarks and added, “Yes, that’s right! Aaron was truly infatuated back then. I still remember how he cried every day, his eyes were so swollen that he could barely see.”

“Yes! Haha! Everyone was saying what a hopeless romantic he was!”

As Charlie Wade listened to the men’s conversations, he couldn’t help feeling astonished.

Had his father-in-law and this Aaron been rivals in love?

Did this Aaron also like Elaine Ma?

Elaine Ma was clearly a fire pit, how could she possibly have attracted so many people to jump in?

Were they that blind and dumb?

Aaron was agitated by the mocking and teasing. He glared at Jacob Wilson and growled, “Hey, Jacob Wilson, don’t simply brand me with names before verification! Did you just say that I’m your defeated opponent? What a joke! Did you win? Did Matilda stay with you in the end? No, right? She dumped you and went to The States!”


Charlie Wade finally realized that they were not talking about Elaine Ma…

The group of friends laughed.

Someone patted Jacob Wilson on the shoulder and asked curiously, “Jacob Wilson, why did Matilda break up with you anyway?”

“Yes! We have been so curious about this for decades! Tell us, what happened?”

Jacob Wilson didn’t expect that his friends would turn their focus back to him. He waved his hand and said awkwardly, “Sigh, let’s not talk about the past…”

Charlie Wade caught a glimpse of heartbreak and pain in Jacob Wilson’s awkward expression.

Was there any hidden agenda in the past between his parents-in-law?