The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 554

Read The Amazing Son in Law [by Lord Leaf] Chapter 554 – Lord Mooore nodded lightly as Donald and Sean exchanged glances.

Sean could see what his father was trying to say through his eyes—he was encouraging him to approach Jasmine personally about the marriage proposal.

After a while, Jasmine came into the house. She was a little surprised to see Donald and Sean at her house, however, she quickly composed herself and greeted them politely.

Donald smiled and said, “Hi, Jasmine. Your grandfather and I were just talking about you.”

Jasmine asked in astonishment, “Talking about me? May I know what’s the agenda?”

Sean looked at Jasmine intensely and said, “Jasmine, we’ve known each other since we were kids, so we can be regarded as half childhood sweethearts, right? Besides, our families have been friends for decades, so we wish to cement old ties by marriage. Hence, I asked my father to come and offer a marriage proposal to your grandfather, and he said to respect your decision. May I know if you would give me a chance?”

Jasmine stuttered awkwardly, “Sean, we have not seen each other for some time, isn’t it a bit too abrupt for you to say this…”

“Oh, if you think I’m being too abrupt, we can start slowly by dating and eventually cultivating our relationship. What do you think?”

Jasmine looked at her grandfather for help and then shook her head apologetically, “I’m so sorry, Sean. I’ve already got someone in my mind…”

Sean was flustered but he continued, “Jasmine, your grandfather said that the man you like is an ordinary man who is not part of a prominent family. As the granddaughter of the prestigious Moore family, you will be a laughingstock if you marry such an ordinary man!”

“No, I won’t,” Jasmine said firmly. “You should marry the love of your life. If you get married for other reasons, it violates the pure essence of marriage.”

Then, she tried to persuade him, “Sean, you said it yourself. We have known each other since young. I would like to offer a piece of advice—don’t choose your spouse for the sake of the family’s benefit. The marriage will not last, let alone be happy.”

Sean was extremely annoyed by her remarks.

D*mn it, I came here to ask for your hand! Not only did you reject me, but you also gave me such ridiculous and nonsensical advice! How dare you shun me like this!

Donald was equally bewildered and shocked by Jasmine’s response. Jasmine not only rejected his son’s courtship, but she even used the excuse of an unhappy and short-lived diplomatic marriage to block his attempt to a d**d-end! She was rejecting Sean through and through!

The more amazed he was toward Jasmine’s wittiness, the more he hoped that Jasmine could become his daughter-in-law. She would be an excellent plus one to his son!

From this point on, he was determined that the Webb family would take down the Moore family’s granddaughter by all means!

Hence, Donald stepped forward to pat Sean’s shoulder and said with a smile, “Son, you and Jasmine are so young, you should advocate freedom of love and marriage. So, don’t rush it. You guys are still fresh, there is plenty of time ahead. Don’t be upset for now.”

Lord Mooore was a little relieved when Donald took a step back. He nodded gladly and gestured to Oscar, “Arrange a guest room each for Donald and Sean, be attentive to every detail, okay? Then, inform the kitchen staff to prepare lunch and entertain our guests at noon.”

Oscar bowed hurriedly and said to Donald and Sean, “Please follow me to the guest rooms.”

Donald nodded and said to the Moore family members, “Excuse us, we’ll see you at the dining hall later.”

Then, they followed Oscar to their rooms.

Once they closed the door, Sean shouted anxiously, “Dad! How dare Lord Mooore look down on me?! What, am I not a suitable candidate for his precious granddaughter?!”

Donald plastered a calm smile on his face and said, “Kid, relax. I’ll have someone to investigate if Jasmine truly has someone in her mind. If she does, I’ll find out who he is!”