The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 551

Read The Amazing Son in Law [by Lord Leaf] Chapter 551 – ”Absolutely not?!”

Donald would never have expected Lord Mooore to turn down his request just like that.

It seemed as though Lord Mooore did not even think about it before turning down his request.



The Webb family was wealthier and more powerful than the Moore family. His son was even the eldest grandson of the Webb family. To put it bluntly, he was the most outstanding young man in the whole South Region.

There were so many girls from many different big and powerful families who were waiting to get involved with Sean, even trying to take the initiative to get closer to him!

They were giving the Moore family face simply by saying that they had taken an interest in Jasmine!

After all, the Moore family would be using the Webb family to climb up in status!

Lord Mooore had ten thousand reasons to agree to the marriage proposal, but he should not have any reasons to turn it down!

Yet, it seemed as though Lord Mooore had turned down the marriage proposal without any hesitation whatsoever. Why?

Why did he look down on the Webb family?

Donald felt very uncomfortable and could only ask anxiously, “Uncle Moore, do you think that Sean is not worthy of Jasmine?”

In his subconscious mind, Lord Mooore indeed wanted to say “No, he is not good enough!”.

Are you kidding me? Could Sean ever be compared to Charlie Wade?

In his eyes, Donald’s precious son could never be compared to Charlie Wade.

After all, Sean could not make him look ten years younger in a single day.

But Charlie Wade could! He could make him look and feel ten years younger!

Moreover, Charlie Wade’s talent and ability had already reached the sky. He had extraordinary strength and power. So, how could a junior from the Webb family possibly compare to him?

However, Lord Mooore could not speak too bluntly since the Webb family were still their friends and acquaintance after all. He did not want to say those hurtful words to them.

Therefore, he simply replied calmly, “Donald, please do not get too offended. I do not have the final say in this matter. As you know, the younger generation nowadays is all about freedom of love and marriage. I will leave everything to Jasmine to make her own decisions about her marriage. I do not want to call the shots for her lifelong happiness.”

Donald shook his head before he said, “Uncle Moore, don’t you know how our families work? In our family, no matter whether you are a boy or girl, there is no such thing as freedom of love and marriage! Don’t we have to follow all of our family’s arrangements? Uncle Moore, as long as you agree to the marriage proposal, I believe that Jasmine will not dare to disobey you.”

Families like theirs had always paid extra attention to their marriages.

Donald initially thought that Lord Mooore would certainly agree joyfully as soon as he proposed a marriage between Sean and Jasmine. After all, the Webb family was undoubtedly stronger and more powerful compared to the Moore family. It would be an upgrade for Jasmine to marry into the Webb family.

Moreover, Jasmine was at the perfect age to get married.