The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 541

Read The Amazing Son in Law [by Lord Leaf] Chapter 541 – At this time, Reuben, who had not spoken for a long time, stared at both of them coldly. He could tell that both father and son from the Webb family were interested and moved by his sister, Jasmine.

At this time, he could not help but feel a little excited.

It would be great if Jasmine could marry into the Webb family!

At that time, Jasmine would marry into the Webb family and become a part of their family. When that happened, she would naturally not be able to compete with him for the Moore family’s property and inheritance. He would naturally become the well-deserving heir of the Moore family.

In fact, Reuben was afraid that Jasmine would truly end up together with Charlie Wade.

He did not know Charlie Wade’s true identity and status. He only knew that Charlie Wade seemed to have some supernatural powers, and that was the reason why his grandfather respected him so much.

If Jasmine ended up with Charlie Wade, there was no doubt that Charlie Wade would marry into the Moore family. At that time, he would definitely be in trouble!

Jasmine was already his biggest rival when it came to vying for the Moore family’s property and inheritance. If she did not marry far away, she would always remain as his rival and competitor!

Moreover, Reuben knew that his grandfather really respected Charlie Wade very much, and he had been desperately hoping for Charlie Wade to join the Moore family. If Jasmine could accomplish what their grandfather wanted her to do, their grandfather would certainly place more attention and focus on Jasmine and Charlie Wade!

Jasmine and Charlie Wade would certainly take over the Moore family if that happened. So, what would happen to him then?

Therefore, Reuben absolutely did not want Jasmine to end up with Charlie Wade at all!

Since the Webb family seemed to have intentions of taking Jasmine as their daughter-in-law, all he had to do now was think of a way to persuade his grandfather and Jasmine to accept the marriage proposal offered by the Webb family. Reuben had to send Jasmine away as soon as he could!

Jasmine was not aware of the intentions of the father and son from the Webb family. Finally, Jasmine and Reuben courteously approached them before excusing themselves as it was already getting late.

Donald and Sean walked both of them downstairs before they watched silently as the pair drove away from the hospital in their car. It was only at this point that Donald finally sighed and said, “Jasmine is truly a very perfect and wonderful girl!”

Sean nodded and said, “Yes, I honestly did not expect her to become even more beautiful after just a few years.”

Donald replied seriously, “Beauty is one thing, but family background, education, and temperament are the most important things.”

After that, he continued speaking, “Jasmine is amazing in all of those

aspects. If you can marry her, it would be a good thing for you.”

Sean smiled before he said, “Dad, I will really need you to help me out in this matter. Jasmine’s parents have already passed away. So, you will have to try to convince her grandfather on my behalf.”

Donald smiled as he assured his son, “You can rest assured. I know what I have to do. I believe that Lord Mooore will also want Jasmine to marry into a good family. The Webb family will surely be a perfect choice for him.”

After that, Donald spoke up again, “I think that Lord Mooore will definitely agree to it as soon as I bring this topic up. After that, we can proceed to plan Jasmine and your marriage. If everything goes well, we should be able to discuss and plan your wedding well within a month!”

“Okay!” Sean was very excited. “It would be best if we could have our

wedding this year!”

At this time, all Sean could think about was Jasmine. He had completely forgotten about his pitiful and miserable younger brother.

After returning to the ward, they found that Kian was starting to lose control again.

The nurses were already bringing in his ‘extra meal’ that had been sterilized under high temperature and pressure. After that, they fed Kian his food so that he could enjoy it first before they performed gastric lavage on him to wash out as much of the ‘food’ as they possibly could.

Donald stepped into the intensive care unit to take a look and immediately walked back out with a black expression on his face.

Sean did not even bother to enter the ward at all. He simply sat on the sofa outside as he looked through Jasmine’s social media profile.

Before coming to Aurouss Hilll, he had not paid much attention to Jasmine whom he had not seen for so many years.