The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 540

Read The Amazing Son in Law [by Lord Leaf] Chapter 540 – If the two families could work together after marriage, the two families might even have an opportunity to lead and take control of the entire South Region.

As he thought about this, he deliberately smiled and asked, “Jasmine, you are so outstanding and beautiful. So, I cannot help but wonder if you are already married?”

Jasmine quickly replied in a hurry, “Uncle Webb, you must be joking. If I were to get married, my grandpa would surely have notified and invited you to come to my wedding banquet for a drink already!”

Donald smiled as he nodded slightly. This girl was very intelligent, and she knew exactly what to say.

After that, he asked again, “Then, Jasmine, do you have a boyfriend now?

If you have a boyfriend, can I know which family he is from?”

As soon as Sean heard his father’s question, he hurriedly looked at Jasmine with a concerned expression on his face as he looked forward to Jasmine’s reply.

Jasmine immediately thought of Charlie Wade at this moment.

How good would it be if Charlie Wade was not married yet? She would have already confessed her feelings to him.

Moreover, Jasmine believed that Charlie Wade would not turn down her confession as she could be regarded as one of the better choices amongst all the girls who were interested in him. If that was the case, she could proudly reply and say that Charlie Wade Wade was her boyfriend when someone asked her a question like this…

As she thought about it, Jasmine could not help but sigh in her heart.

Then, she replied, “Uncle Webb, I do not have a boyfriend yet.”

Both Donald and Sean heaved a huge sigh of relief. She did not have a boyfriend. That was perfect!

It would not be easy for them to find another girl like Jasmine. Since she was still single, it was the perfect opportunity for his son to pursue her!

Donald immediately said to Jasmine, “By the way, Jasmine, please send my regards to Lord Mooore when you go home later. Please tell him that I have already arranged for a plane to send my youngest son home for treatment tomorrow. Sean and I will be staying back in Aurouss Hilll to investigate and look into Kian’s sudden illness. So, both of us would like to come and pay a visit to your grandfather tomorrow.”

Jasmine did not think too much about it and simply nodded before saying, “Okay, Uncle Webb. I will definitely inform my grandfather when I get back.”

Donald felt that he should take advantage of this opportunity to bring Sean over to the Moore family mansion so that they could stay there for a few days since they would be in Aurouss Hilll for some time anyway.

As the host, it was only natural for the Moore family to arrange for Donald and his son to stay at the Moore family mansion for a few days since they were visiting Aurouss Hilll. This way, he would also be able to create an opportunity for his son to get closer to Jasmine.

Donald also felt that this would be an excellent opportunity for him to bring up the topic of marriage to Lord Mooore. He presumed that Lord Mooore would not turn down his request.

After all, the Webb family was the wealthiest and most powerful family in the whole South Region. Sean was also the eldest grandson of the Webb family, and he was the first heir of the younger generation. It was not an exaggeration to say that he was a diamond in the making in the South Region.

As long as Lord Mooore agreed to his request, Donald was certain that he would definitely help him persuade Jasmine to agree to Sean’s marriage proposal. That way, they would be able to decide on their marriage, and the two families could choose an early auspicious date so that they could get the marriage done and over with as soon as possible.

After all, Donald was not young anymore. He had already been looking forward to the day where he could hold his grandson and personally witness the continuation of the Webb family name. However, he had not met a woman who he deemed worthy of his son.

When he saw Jasmine earlier, he immediately felt that there would be no better candidate to become his daughter-in-law in this world other than Jasmine!

He never would have imagined that Jasmine’s heart already belonged to

someone else.

Moreover, the man who made Jasmine so enamored was none other than the culprit who had turned his youngest son into a s**t-eating beast. It was Charlie Wade!