The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 537

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 537 – Very soon, Reuben drove Jasmine out of the house, and they headed straight to the Castle Peak Psychiatric Hospital in the suburb.

In the Castle Peak Psychiatric Hospital, the nurses had just fed Kian, who was going crazy at this point.

Kian finally regained his consciousness after they fed him, wiped his mouth, rinsed his mouth, and washed his stomach for him. Kian had a very satisfied expression on his face as he lay on the hospital bed with his hands and feet tied up.

The few nurses resisted the urge to vomit as they walked out from the intensive care unit to the family resting room outside with a basin filled with the filth that they had just washed out of Kian’s stomach.

At this time, Kian’s father, Donald, and his brother, Sean, were sitting on the sofa with no expression on their faces.

After coming out of the intensive care unit, one of the nurses greeted them respectfully. “Mr. Webb and junior Mr. Webb, the patient, have already regained consciousness.”

Donald asked coldly, “Have you finished the gastric lavage procedure?”

The nurse nodded before she whispered, “Yes, we have already completed the procedure!”

“Okay.” Donald asked again, “The things that you fed him this time… have you already disinfected it?”

The nurse hurriedly replied, “It has already been sterilized. We placed

it inside the pressure cooker and sterilized it at a high temperature and

pressure. Even though we cannot eliminate the smell, I can assure you that there are no longer any bacteria or viruses in it…”

Kian’s iron rule of having extra ‘supplements’ every hour on the dot

remained the same.

Donald naturally did not dare to stop his son from doing so. After all, he could see that his son was truly on the verge of d***h if they fed him even one minute later. Donald was afraid that something would really happen to his son.

Therefore, he discussed this matter with a team of medical experts before they came up with a temporary solution, which was to put those ‘supplements’ for Kian in a pressure cooker for at least half an hour in advance so that it would not contain any bacteria and viruses that would make him sick.

This was the only buffer they could come up with at this stage.

Donald glanced at the few nurses before he waved his hands sullenly and said, “Alright then, you can all leave now. Please remember to prepare all of his next meals in advance.”

The nurse nodded before she said, “Mr. Webb, you can rest assured that we have already prepared all of his eight meals for tonight in advance. Each of his meals has already been sterilized in advance, and we will serve the patient his meal at room temperature.”

Donald suddenly felt a surge of nausea overpowering him, and he quickly

waved his hand as he said, “Alright, you can leave now.”

After the few nurses had left the room, Sean whispered to his father, “Dad, are we really going to let this continue? How could Kian possibly need to eat s**t every hour?! If this news spreads to the public, the Webb family will definitely lose face!”

Donald asked, “What else can we do? Do you want me to watch your brother d*e?”

Sean hurriedly replied, “I did not mean that at all. I am just saying that we should bring Kian back to Sudbury. It is not a solution for us to continue staying here. We should bring Kian back home and use our own family doctor and nurses to handle him. At the very least, we can be more rest assured that they would be tight-lipped about this matter.”

Donald thought about it before he replied, “Okay, then. We will send your brother back to Sudbury, but we cannot leave Aurouss Hilll yet.”

“Why?” Sean asked in surprise. “What other business do we have here?” Donald replied, “I suspect it is not an accident that your brother

suddenly contracted this sudden illness. Something must have happened to

cause him to behave in this manner. There must be some clues or information that we have not figured out yet. I plan to stay in Aurouss

Hilll for a short while to investigate and look into this matter. I want you to stay here with me.”

Sean nodded when he heard his father’s words and said, “Yes, dad. I will stay here with you.”

Donald nodded before he said, “If that’s the case, we will arrange for our doctor to accompany Kian back to Sudbury tomorrow morning.”

Upon saying that, Donald stood up before he said, “Come, let’s go in and see your brother.”

The father and son stood up before they pushed the door of the intensive care unit open. At this time, a strong and disgusting stench overcame them immediately.

Even though the windows were all open and the exhaust fan was already turned on, the smell was still lingering even after a long time.