The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 532

Read The Amazing Son in Law [by Lord Leaf] Chapter 532 – However, it was a pity that he did it the wrong way. That was the reason why this filial son was now regarded as a beast by everyone.

After two whole days of fermentation, the d***h of Masao Kobayashi, the chairman of Kobayashi Pharma, had aroused a great deal of attention in Japan.

Under the vigorous propaganda launched by Masao’s second son, Jiro, Ichiro suddenly became the chief culprit who had p******d his own biological father to d***h in an attempt to take over his father’s role as the chairman of Kobayashi Pharma.

At this time, the whole of Japan was scolding Ichiro, for they thought that he was actually the most unfilial son in Japan. People even nicknamed him the shame of Japan!

At the same time, Jiro also increased the cash reward for his brother,

Ichiro’s head from 1 billion yen to 3 billion yen.

He wanted to take over the position of the chairman of Kobayashi Pharma as soon as possible. Therefore, he had no choice but to make sure that his brother died quickly, and he should never be allowed to return to Japan before he died.

Jiro knew very well that his elder brother had never intended to k**l their father. Even if he had wanted to, he would not have attempted to k**l his father while he was still stuck abroad. If he was in Japan, he could take over the role of the chairman of Kobayashi Pharma as soon as this tragedy happened.

Therefore, Jiro could only assume that his brother was also a victim of this incident, and he was also suffering at this time.

After all, Kobayashi Pharma has already transferred ten billion dollars to Charlie Wade, and this was more than enough proof that Charlie Wade was actually the one behind this whole incident.

However, if he did not push the blame onto his elder brother, then, as the eldest son, Ichiro would become the rightful heir to the throne. He would become the rightful chairman of Kobayashi Pharma.

If the second son wanted to counter-a****k and secure the position for himself, he would have no choice but to continue oppressing his brother.

Because of this, Jiro could not wait for his brother to d*e in Aurouss Hilll.

If Ichiro was not given a chance to speak, his position as the chairman of Kobayashi Pharma would be even more stable and secure.

From his continuous increase in the cash reward and bounty for his brother’s head, it was obvious that Jiro was very eager to k**l Ichiro as soon as possible.

Therefore, Charlie Wade sent a text message to Albert, asking him to contact Jiro. Charlie Wade asked Albert to demand one billion dollars from Jiro in exchange for Ichiro. Otherwise, Charlie Wade would personally escort Ichiro back to Tokyo and help him to hold a press conference so that he could clarify the matter in person. If that happened, Ichiro would be able to openly compete with Jiro to become the successor of Kobayashi Pharma.

In truth, Charlie Wade’s thinking was very simple. If Jiro truly wanted to become the chairman of Kobayashi Pharma, he would have to cooperate with him. Otherwise, if Charlie Wade released Ichiro, the brothers would have to share Kobayashi Pharma, and Jiro’s loss would be far greater than just one billion dollars.

Albert did not say anything and immediately got in touch with Jiro,

relaying Charlie Wade’s request to him.

Jiro almost went crazy after listening to Albert’s words.

One billion dollars?!

Kobayashi Pharma has already given Charlie Wade ten billion dollars for the prescription of the poison!

The ten billion dollars incident was voluntary, and his father had been completely fooled by the other party.

It was d*mn frustrating for Jiro to even think about it. After all, his father had actually spent ten billion dollars to buy a poison that had eventually taken his very own life.

If this transaction were to be exposed to the public, this would really be the most unjust transaction of the century.

Jiro felt that if Charlie Wade was humane, he would actually help him k**l his brother in exchange for the ten billion dollars. However, he never expected this guy to open his mouth and ask him for another one billion dollars instead. Did he really think that he owned a bank?!