The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 516

Read The Amazing Son in Law [by Lord Leaf] Chapter 516 – When Kenneth returned to the Wilson family home, Wendy hurried forward and greeted him with joy, “Kenneth, you’re finally home. Did the Weaver family fix you?”

Kenneth huffed in annoyance, “They couldn’t fix me at all, in the end, they asked Charlie Wade to cure me.”

“Charlie Wade? Charlie Wade Wade?” Wendy asked in surprise, “So, did he heal you?”

Kenneth sighed, “Yes, but just the necrosis, it’s still unusable…” Wendy said indignantly, “Then you shouldn’t let the Weaver family go so

easily, especially Jeffrey! It was he who fooled you into taking their

lousy medicine and caused you so much distress and misery. You have to

let them heal you no matter what!”

Kenneth’s expression was distant and cold. “I let the Weaver family go because of Charlie Wade, but when I return to Eastcliff, I will pursue the Weaver family on this matter!”

Wendy was stunned. “Ken… Kenneth, are you going back to Eastcliff?”

Kenneth glanced at Wendy emotionlessly and said, “Of course I’m going back. Aurouss Hilll has given me enough bad luck already!”

Wendy immediately panicked when she heard that her g*d of wealth was leaving. She clung on him and said coyly, “But Kenneth, I don’t want to leave you. Take me to Eastcliff with you, okay?”

Wendy knew that the Wilson family had no hope of bouncing back this time. He had only given them ten million dollars out of the eighty million

dollar investment that he promised them. It wasn’t even enough to cover

the debt.

She had nowhere to go now. Everyone in Aurouss Hilll already knew about her being Kenneth’s mistress, so it was almost impossible for her to find a decent husband to marry in the city.

Therefore, the only option she had right now was to cling on Kenneth and never let go. This was the only chance she could start anew.

However, how could Kenneth take her to Eastcliff? He was married, what if his wife found out about her? World War 3 would erupt in no time!

Besides, it was useless for Kenneth to bring Wendy with him. He couldn’t

do anything to her right now. She had lost the sole purpose as a lover.

So, Kenneth said in a direct and harsh manner, “No, I can’t, Eastcliff is not someplace you can go to. Just stay in Aurouss Hilll.”

Wendy shrieked frantically, “Then, what should I do?”

“What else can you do? We are over. As for the future, let’s see when I’ll be coming to Aurouss Hilll again and we’ll see if there’s still fate between us then.”

The entire Wilson family was equally confused and stuttered when Kenneth suddenly decided to leave.

Lady Wilson was expecting Kenneth to give them the remaining seventy million dollars as he promised, but if he left now, it would devastate the family to the point of kicking them into the abyss.

They had no other way to go except declaring bankruptcy.

Besides, due to the outstanding debts, even the deteriorating mansion might be put up to cover the debt!

Lady Wilson saw Kenneth as their floating boat in the ocean of debt. If he left, the Wilson family would be in despair again.

So, she pleaded to Kenneth, her eyes reddish and her voice hoarse, “Kenneth, if you leave now, our family is done! We are family, Wendy is your lover, you can’t just leave us!”

Then, she hurriedly blurted, “Why don’t you take us back to Eastcliff? We’ll follow you like loyal servants, you are our boss!”

Christopher interjected, “Yes! Kenneth, throughout your stay in the city for the past few days, we have treated you like a distinguished guest. My father saved your father’s life too! Please, I beg you, please be merciful and take us to Eastcliff.”

A dash of irritation flashed across Kenneth’s eyes. He sneered and said, “That’s so funny. We aren’t related at all, why do I want to take you to Eastcliff?”

He added, “Furthermore, yes, your father did save my father, but I’ve returned the favor by investing ten million in your company, so that’s it between us!”