The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 508

Read The Amazing Son in Law [by Lord Leaf] Chapter 508 – What Jordan really meant was, “You, Charlie Wade Wade, are nothing but an outsider. Please stay away from the Weaver family’s affairs!”

Liam felt as if he had fallen from the sky to h**l when he heard his

heartless father’s remark.

He realized that he had been tricked—very miserably too! His father had never wanted to give him the chance at all!

Even if he surrendered his mother’s precious snow ginseng to plead Charlie Wade to save his family, his father would never want to elect him as the company’s chairman.

Charlie Wade frowned in dismay and asked coldly, “Oh? Are you planning to break your promise?”

Jordan quickly explained, “Oh no, Master Wade, that’s a misunderstanding. There’s something that you aren’t aware of. Well, the other day, I told both my sons that whoever could solve this problem for our family will have a bigger chance to be the chairman. Of course, I’ll give Liam credit for what he did for the family today, so when it comes to the election for the chairman position, he’ll have a higher chance of winning.”

Jordan was being completely shameless and dishonest. He changed his claim from confirmation to ‘having a bigger chance’, which turned the control of the agenda back into his hands. It was like tossing a coin in his hand in which he could decide on heads or tails, who could win his game?

Jeffrey was a little agitated by Charlie Wade’s interference. Kenneth left anyway, and the crisis had been resolved, so he had no reason to be afraid of Charlie Wade anymore. He blurted in annoyance, “Charlie Wade, it’s our family’s affairs, it’s none of your business. Get out of here when we ask nicely, there is no place for you to be so rude in our house!”

Jordan was an ungrateful old dog himself. Since his son was so straightforward, he said directly, “Frankly speaking, I will never hand over my company to the son of a b*tch from Mount Golmin. I’ve slept with so many women in my entire life and this b*stard’s mom was the worst of them all. She was nothing but a f*cking village girl. I only slept with her because I was young and I had to release myself, otherwise, I wouldn’t even bat an eye at her.”

Liam growled angrily, “What did you just say about my mother?!”

Jordan arched his eyebrow in disdain and shouted coldly, “What? Do you want to talk back to me now? You really are the son of a b*tch! After so many years, we’ve let you stay under the roof, we’ve fed you, we’ve provided you with education, and this is how you repay us? How dare you want a place in the Weaver family business? From now on, you’re no longer part of our family. Get the h**l out of here!”

Liam dropped his head, disappointed, and stood sullenly on the side. He had admitted defeat, he had only his naivety to blame because he believed Jordan!

If so, he had no purpose to stay in the Weaver family anymore. It was better to just cut ties with them!

Liam clenched his fists, gritted his teeth, and said, “Alright! From now

on, I have nothing to do with the Weaver family!”

Jeffrey was extremely thrilled, he smirked, “B*stard, who are you to decide you have nothing to do with us? We’ve wanted to kick you out from a long time ago, don’t you know? It’s such a waste of our efforts to raise you for so many years!”

Charlie Wade asked Jordan coldly, “Jordan Weaver, are you sure this is what you want to do?”

Jordan sneered contemptuously, “Again, this is our family’s affairs and has nothing to do with you. You’ve overstayed your welcome, now get out!”

Jordan didn’t believe that Charlie Wade had some sort of a powerful background—he was just a person who happened to have a cure for Kenneth’s disorder. This nobody couldn’t do anything about him.

Now that Kenneth was cured and left their house, he had nothing to do with the Weaver family even if he was hit and k****d in a car accident. So, why did he have to bother himself with Charlie Wade?