The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 505

Read The Amazing Son in Law [by Lord Leaf] Chapter 505 – Charlie Wade’s remark made Kenneth dizzy and at a loss. After a while, he

finally comprehended Charlie Wade’s words.

Since the urine was the primer, it was used to enhance the efficacy of the medicine, so of course, he had to drink the urine first.

But, one liter of urine…

Kenneth collapsed into the slumber of concern again.

On the contrary, Charlie Wade smiled cheerfully and said, “You can’t delay this any longer. If your p***s is completely rotten, don’t blame me for not saving you.”

Kenneth shuddered at the imagination and blurted, “Okay! I’ll follow your instructions!”

Charlie Wade nodded and said to Jordan, “Mr. Weaver, please have a drink of water first, then get someone to boil the medicine.”

Jordan bowed respectfully and said, “Okay, Master Wade, I’ll drink the water now…”

Kenneth heaved a long sigh, resigning to his fate. To him, healing his p***s was more important than anything else.

On the other hand, Charlie Wade was extremely delighted.

The urine and the most bitter medicine were not needed to treat Kenneth’s illness at all. All he needed was a little bit of the magical elixir that Charlie Wade refined and his ulceration would be cured.

Jordan’s urine as the primer was just a ruse to trick Kenneth.

After a while, the extremely bitter aroma of the medicine wafted across the Weaver family home. Just inhaling the aroma itself made others feel thirsty and their throats dry, so it was hard to imagine how uncomfortable it would be to drink it.

After boiling pots and pots of medicine and water over high heat, it transformed into a liter of concentrated black soup that looked no different from crude oil.

Jordan had not returned yet after the medicine was done. Kenneth urged someone to look for him as he waited anxiously.

It was quite a tormenting moment for Jordan too. Due to his age, his kidney function was a little lacking, so it was a painful process for him to drink so much water in one breath and urinate afterward.

After twenty minutes, Jordan ran out of the toilet clutching his nose.

“Master Wade, the one-liter urine is ready!”

Charlie Wade stepped further away from them for fear that he would suffocate from the stench. He, too, pinched his nose and said to Kenneth, “Go on, drink the primer, then the medicine!”

“Okay!” Kenneth nodded hurriedly.

The intensifying pain from his p***s reminded him that the matter was very urgent. He quickly grabbed the yellowish fluid from Jordan and held it in front of him.

Jeffrey was feeling nauseated upon the scene. When Kenneth was about to drink that thing, it reminded him of his urinal-licking incident at Glorious Club the other day that made him want to throw up right there and then.

Kenneth was feeling sick too.

It was a large tumbler of one liter, and Jordan even peed so much that it was slightly higher than the one-liter scale on the tumbler.

He shook his head and decided to see the awful yellowish liquid as a lifesaver. He lifted the glass, closed his eyes, and poured the liquid into his mouth!

In an instant, the strong odor exploded inside Kenneth’s mouth and nasal cavity. It was so awful that his immediate reflex signaled for him to puke, but when he thought about how Charlie Wade said the urine could help enhance the efficacy of the medicine, he shut his mouth and swallowed it again! The audience felt like throwing up upon the scene.