The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 502

Read The Amazing Son in Law [by Lord Leaf] Chapter 502 – They were all just fooling around. Thus, Jordan felt that the women should just get rid of the baby once they discovered their pregnancies. Why the h*ll would they give birth to their child?

This was the fundamental reason why Jordan had always hated Liam.

If it weren’t because his father found out that he had another grandson out there, Jordan would never have taken in a b*stard child who was given to him by a village woman!

Even if Liam made a significant contribution to the Weaver family, he would never be able to hand over the Weaver family’s business over to him! Who was he to deserve this?

However, Jordan did not reveal the slander and discomfort in his heart. He simply wanted to send the plague g*d, Kenneth, away!

Therefore, Jordan said respectfully, “Mr. Wade, please help Chairman Wilson!”

Kenneth also looked at Charlie Wade with a bitter expression on his face.

After all, wasn’t the reason why he called Charlie Wade his grandfather

and why he apologized to him simply because he wanted to cure his illness?

Otherwise, why else would he tolerate and endure this humiliation?

Charlie Wade smiled playfully before he said to Kenneth, “Come, let me check your pulse.”

Kenneth hurriedly stretched out his wrist.

Charlie Wade pretended to check his pulse before he said, “The reason for your illness is your body suffering from blood stasis. The downward movement isn’t smooth and you also took medicine that would promote liver and kidney failure. This caused the accumulation of components in your lower region that has led to the ulceration. It is simply impossible to cure your disease by using an anti-inflammatory d**g!”

Kenneth felt that his explanation was very reasonable and he hurriedly

asked, “Mr. Wade, how do you think my disease should be treated, then?”

Charlie Wade smiled slightly before he said, “Your disease requires a combination of eighteen different Chinese medicine to produce a bowl of medicinal soup.”

After that, Charlie Wade waved his hand before he said, “Please give me a pen and paper so I can give you a prescription.”

Kenneth was very excited and he blurted out immediately, “Great! Great! Thank you, Mr. Wade.”

After that, Kenneth hurriedly asked Jordan for a piece of paper and pen before he handed it over to Charlie Wade in a respectful manner.

Charlie Wade scribbled eighteen of the most bitter Chinese herbs before prescribing them in large doses.

If anyone tasted or drank a sip of this boiled medicine, they would probably not be able to taste anything else because the tongues would be filled with a bitter taste.

After writing the prescription, Charlie Wade handed it over to Jordan before he said, “Since the Weaver family owns a p************l company, it should be relatively easy for you to gather all these herbs, right?”

Jordan looked at the prescription and he nodded when he saw that the medicinal herbs that Charlie Wade had prescribed were all relatively common. “Yes! We have all of these Chinese herbs at home. I will get someone to get them!”

After that, Jordan called for one of his servants before he handed him

the prescription and said, “Go and get the medicine ready!” “Okay!”

The servant hurried to grab the medicine according to the prescription. At this time, Kenneth was trembling with excitement and he blurted out, “Mr. Wade, will I be cured as soon as I drink this medicine that is decocted with water?”

Charlie Wade nodded slightly before he shrugged and said, “Yes, you will definitely recover after taking this medicine but you are still lacking a d**g primer.”

“A d**g primer?” Kenneth asked hurriedly. “What do I need to use as a

d**g primer? Tell me and I will get someone to prepare it immediately!”

Charlie Wade smiled before he said, “Since there is a large amount of blood stasis, you will need to use human urine as a d**g primer for your medicine!”