The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 501

Read The Amazing Son in Law [by Lord Leaf] Chapter 501 – Jeffrey really did not expect to get slapped by both his father and Kenneth at the same time because he was questioning Charlie Wade’s identity.

In fact, he could actually tolerate it if Kenneth hit him because he knew that he was the one who had caused Kenneth to end up this way—the only reason Kenneth had ended up like this was due to the medicine that he had given him. Therefore, it was only normal for Kenneth to hate him.

However, Jeffrey really could not believe that his father, who would barely hit him throughout all these years, had suddenly slapped him twice in a row!

He covered his face as he looked at Jordan and said, “Dad! Why did you hit me again? Did I make a mistake?”

“A*shole! Shut up right now!”

Jordan glared at him fiercely before he cursed in his heart. Why couldn’t his prodigal son have the ability and sense to know the right things that he should be doing at a time like this?

Since Anthony was also doing Charlie Wade’s bidding, then Charlie Wade would be the only savior of the Weaver family! Even if he was really nothing but a piece of trash, he should not offend him!

After reprimanding Jeffrey, Jordan quickly said, “Mr. Wade, I have already obstructed the dog. You should not take it to heart…”

Kenneth was also panicking at this time. He hated Jeffrey to d***h. At this time, he kicked Jeffrey before he said in a cold manner, “Jeffrey! Stop talking so much over here. I will f*cking chop you up if you offend Grandpa Wade and he refuses to treat me!”

Jeffrey screamed out in pain as he rolled about three meters away. After kicking Jeffrey, Kenneth laughed before he looked at Charlie Wade

and said, “Grandpa Wade, please do not be bothered with this kind of

garbage. He isn’t worthy of your time at all. Please hurry up and treat me now!”

Jeffrey was completely stunned at this time. Charlie Wade was just a piece of trash and he was simply a useless son-in-law of the Wilson family. Moreover, Charlie Wade was also constantly relying on Feng Shui tricks to fool a bunch of wealthy and powerful people. Meanwhile, he was just telling the truth, so why was he the one who was getting beaten up in the end?

Charlie Wade looked at them with a cold expression on his face before he said, “If Liam did not beg me, I wouldn’t be here at all. Therefore, I hope that all of you know that Liam was the one who resolved your family crisis today. All the credit should go to Liam entirely.”

When Jordan heard Charlie Wade’s words, he hurriedly praised Liam, “Liam, you did a good job this time. I’ll definitely remember this.”

Liam was very excited because he felt that as long as Charlie Wade could cure Kenneth’s rotten p***s, then he would become the chairman of Weaver Pharmaceuticals!

However, Liam did not know that Jordan had other plans in his heart.

To Jordan, Liam was just a b*stard child born and bred by a village girl from Mount Golmin that he had simply been fooling around with.

In fact, the only reason why Jordan said that whoever resolved the family crisis would become the chairman of Weaver Pharmaceuticals was because he wanted to motivate Jeffrey and make him think actively of ways to resolve the issue. Unexpectedly, Liam was the one who had come up with the ultimate solution at the end of the day. He was the one to achieve the breakthrough and invite Anthony and Charlie Wade to come over to treat Kenneth.

If he really fulfilled his promise, then he would have to make Liam the chairman of Weaver Pharmaceuticals as soon as Charlie Wade took the initiative to cure Kenneth.

But how would that be possible?

He was just a piece of trash who should not have existed at all!

In the beginning, he had accidentally discovered a beautiful girl at the village at the foot of Mount Golmin. Therefore, he decided to deceive her and have his share of fun with her without any intentions of marrying her at all.

Jordan did not expect the girl to get pregnant!

What was even more unexpected was the fact that the girl simply gritted her teeth and gave birth to his child all by herself. He had clearly refused her marriage request and he even left Mount Golmin and never once set foot there again.

After learning of Liam’s existence, Jordan’s wife nagged and argued with him for a long time and he felt very restless during that period of time. Therefore, Jordan had already hated Liam even before meeting him in person.

In fact, Jordan was an extremely selfish person and he had several illegitimate children outside that he refused to acknowledge.

In his opinion, the reason why those illegitimate children were born were simply because their mothers had no respect for themselves and they did not know where they stood! Therefore, Jordan felt that he did not have to take responsibility for them.