The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 494

Read The Amazing Son in Law [by Lord Leaf] Chapter 494 – Liam had never told anyone about his life. Anthony was the first person that he ever told his story to.

Ever since he was brought back to the Weaver family, Liam had always been insulted and humiliated by everyone around him.

Since his childhood, his father, Jordan, and his half-brother, Jeffrey, had always hated him. He had always been scolded, beaten, and subjected to various sorts of humiliations but he had slowly gotten used to it.

He had been very patient as he slowly waited for the day when he would finally be able to find a suitable opportunity to get out of his dark and miserable situation.

Since the Weaver family was suffering from such a huge crisis and since Jordan had already officially announced that the position of chairman of Weaver Pharmaceuticals would be given to anyone who could resolve this crisis, Liam decided that he should take advantage of this opportunity to use the thousand-year-old snow white ginseng that he had kept hidden for more than twenty years to turn his life around!

This thousand-year-old snow white ginseng was priceless.

The normal price for the three-hundred-year-old purple ginseng that Charlie Wade and Kenneth competed for previously was estimated to be around thirty million dollars.

This thousand-year-old snow white ginseng could be sold for at least one hundred million dollars ordinarily. If someone were to fight for it, it

would not be uncommon for it to be sold for at least three hundred million dollars.

Liam was willing to hand this thousand-year-old snow white ginseng to Charlie Wade so Charlie Wade would be able to resolve the crisis that the Weaver family was facing. If he could successfully resolve the crisis, then he would finally be able to take over the position of chairman of Weaver Pharmaceuticals.

Anthony was shocked by this thousand-year-old snow white ginseng.

He knew that Charlie Wade had the ability to refine and concoct medicine and he knew that this thousand-year-old snow white ginseng would definitely be of great help to Charlie Wade.

Therefore, he immediately took out his cell phone to call Charlie Wade.

At this time, Charlie Wade had just received the medicinal herbs and materials from Graham. After that, he combined the three-hundred-year-old purple ginseng with all the other medicinal herbs and materials to make about thirty Rejuvenating Pills.

As soon as he was done making the Rejuvenating Pills, Charlie Wade suddenly received a phone call from Anthony.

As soon as the call was connected, Anthony’s voice sounded on the other end of the line. “Mr. Wade, Liam, the illegitimate son of the Weaver family is asking for your help. If you can help the Weaver family to tide over the crisis they are facing, he’s willing to give you a thousand- year-old snow white ginseng!”

“A thousand year old snow white ginseng? Is it true?”

Charlie Wade was very surprised. The three-hundred-year-old purple ginseng was already a very rare medicinal herb. Moreover, the snow white ginseng was even more precious and rarer than the purple ginseng itself.

What’s more, the thousand-year-old snow white ginseng was definitely regarded as a treasure in the medical field.

In fact, Charlie Wade was a little excited when he heard about the thousand-year-old snow white ginseng. He had read in the Apocalyptic Book that even snow white ginseng that was more than five hundred years old was already a treasure of heaven with an extremely strong aura. If he could get his hands on it, then he would definitely be able to improve his strength and his abilities.

At this time, Anthony quickly said, “To be honest, Mr. Wade, this is the first time that I am seeing a thousand-year-old snow white ginseng for myself. Therefore, I am not really sure whether it is really a thousand years old. However, I can be certain that it is definitely more than five hundred years old.”

Charlie Wade hummed before he praised Anthony, “Dr. Simmons, you did a good job with this matter. In fact, I just made a new pill that will be able to make you ten times younger than you are! I will pass you one of these pills!”

When Anthony heard Charlie Wade’s voice, he trembled in excitement as he said respectfully, “Mr. Wade, you are really too kind to me. In fact, I am only doing what I need to do. It is my responsibility…”

Charlie Wade smiled before he said, “Dr. Simmons, I’ve told you that I will always reward and punish people accordingly. If you do things for me, I will naturally not forget to give you credit for it. You can bring Liam to me now and I will reward you in the future.”

After that, Charlie Wade said once again, “Why don’t you bring Liam over to see me now so I can determine the authenticity of his thousand-year- old snow white ginseng?”

Anthony replied immediately, “Okay, Mr. Wade! I will bring him over immediately!”