The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 492

Read The Amazing Son in Law [by Lord Leaf] Chapter 492 – After he was done speaking, Anthony turned around as he was ready to chase them away.

Jeffrey panicked and started begging, “I’m really sorry for what I did, Dr. Simmons. I know that it was my mistake. It’s my fault. I have no complaints at all if you want to hit or scold me. It’s just that the Weaver family has encountered a huge crisis this time. Could you really bear to see the Weaver family completely destroyed just like that?”

Anthony replied coldly, “Sorry, but I’m not that familiar with you at all. Moreover, your family has nothing to do with me. Please leave immediately.”

As soon as he heard Anthony’s words, Jeffrey hurriedly snatched the brocade box from Liam before he handed it over to Anthony and said respectfully, “Dr. Simmons, this is just a token of my appreciation. It is a piece of Hetian jade worth more than five million dollars! Please accept it!”

Anthony did not even look at the so-called Hetian jade before he said unceremoniously, “Don’t tell me how it’s worth five million dollars. I won’t accept it even if it’s worth fifty million dollars or five hundred million dollars! Take it with you and leave immediately! You are not welcomed here!”

At this time, Liam, who had been keeping silent all this time, sighed softly as he knelt on the ground directly before he started begging Anthony bitterly, “Dr. Simmons, please be merciful and save the Weaver family. I will kowtow to you as a form of gratitude for your kindness towards our family.”

Anthony got a little less angry after seeing Liam’s pious appearance.

Compared to the arrogant and conceited Jeffrey, Liam was obviously better educated and more polite. Both brothers were the opposite of each other.

Jeffrey glared at Liam, filled with dissatisfaction in his heart. He cursed silently in his heart at this time, ‘This b*stard is really good at putting on an act! He’s actually kneeling down and kowtowing in front of Dr. Simmons? Perhaps he wants to steal the credit and covets the position of the head of the family!’

As he thought about this, Jeffrey kicked Liam aside before he yelled, “You’re just an illegitimate child. What qualifications do you have to kneel on behalf of the Weaver family? If there’s anyone who’s going to kneel on behalf of the Weaver family, that person would be me!”

Even though Liam was kicked to the ground, he did not complain or say anything at all. Instead, he hurriedly got up before he patted off the dirt on his body before he stood aside in a humble manner.

At this time, Jeffrey quickly knelt down on his knees as he begged, “Dr. Simmons, you should have heard that Kenneth’s illness did not get better but instead deteriorated after taking the m********n concocted by the Weaver family. Now that his p***s is rotting, he’s threatening to destroy the Weaver family! You’re the only person who can save the Weaver family now!”

Anthony had already known the purpose of their visit to him today and even after listening to Jeffrey’s explanation, he turned down their request once again without any hesitation at all. “You want me to save Kenneth? Let me tell you, it’s absolutely impossible! Both you and Kenneth have repeatedly disrespected Mr. Wade. Even if you were to tell me that the sky is falling down on me, I won’t lift a single finger to help him!”

After he was done speaking, Anthony told his staff in a cold manner,

“Okay, get these two men out of my clinic now!”

Immediately afterwards, Anthony turned around and walked further inside Serene World Clinic without even turning his head back.

Even though it is said that a healer should have a parental heart, no one should be required to do good for the wicked.

The staff quickly kicked Liam and Jeffrey out at this time before he said, “If both of you dare to appear at Serene World Clinic again, I will call the police immediately!”

Jeffrey had a very ugly expression on his face as he stood at the entrance of Serene World Clinic.

Aside from Anthony, there weren’t any other genius doctors in Aurouss

Hilll who would be able to cure Kenneth.

Therefore, Kenneth’s illness might deteriorate and worsen, and the Weaver

family would completely lose all hope then!

At this time, Liam asked in a low voice, “Brother, what should we do now?”

Jeffrey glanced at Liam in disgust before he slapped him and said, “Liam, how many times do I have to tell you not to call me your brother? You’re a b*stard child and you aren’t worthy of being my brother!”

After that, Jeffrey glared at him with a contemptuous expression on his face before he said, “I’m going to look for someone else to find a way out of this issue. You can go back on your own!”

After that, Jeffrey got into his limousine before driving away immediately.

Liam stood there for a moment with anger in his eyes.

After that, he reached his arms into his pocket before he touched something that he had hidden with him for more than ten years. After a short while, it seemed as though he had made some sort of decision as he secretly gritted his teeth before he turned around and entered Serene World Clinic again…