The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 489

Read The Amazing Son in Law [by Lord Leaf] Chapter 489 – Claire Wilson Wilson woke up at around seven in the morning.

As soon as Charlie Wade heard some movements, he hurriedly pretended to be asleep as he laid motionlessly on the floor.

After getting up, Claire Wilson Wilson stretched as she got out of bed quietly. When she looked at Charlie Wade, who was sleeping on the floor at this time, Claire Wilson Wilson could not help but feel a little distressed.

Ever since Charlie Wade married her and became the son-in-law of the Wilson family, he had been sleeping on the floor for more than three years.

When they first got married, Claire Wilson Wilson really did not care much about Charlie Wade and she did not have any feelings for him.

However, after spending so many years with him, Claire Wilson Wilson did not know why she felt particularly safe with Charlie Wade by her side.

Sometimes, Claire Wilson Wilson was even afraid that Charlie Wade would suddenly leave her.

In this recent period of time, so much had happened at home and it made Claire Wilson Wilson even more certain that Charlie Wade was actually the only person she could actually rely on the most in this world. Aside from Charlie Wade, all of her close relatives were not reliable at all.

Of course, there was no need to even mention her grandmother and the rest of her relatives. They did not consider her as part of their family at all.

As for her own mother, Claire Wilson Wilson was also completely speechless. In her mother’s eyes, Claire Wilson Wilson was simply just a tool for her to reach the pinnacle of life and lead a rich and wealthy life. Even though Claire Wilson Wilson had already been married to Charlie Wade for more than three years, Elaine Ma was still hoping that Claire Wilson Wilson and Charlie Wade would get a divorce just so Claire Wilson Wilson would be able to marry a rich man.

Moreover, Claire Wilson Wilson’s father was a confused man and it would be great if he did not cause any trouble for them outside, let alone provide her with any support at all those critical moments.

Therefore, Claire Wilson Wilson felt most at ease and secure with Charlie Wade, who was sleeping on the floor at this time.

Claire Wilson Wilson’s heart was surging and beating frantically as she looked at Charlie Wade. At this time, her bedroom door was suddenly pushed open.

As soon as she looked up, Claire Wilson Wilson saw her mother, Elaine Ma, rushing aggressively into her bedroom dressed in her pajamas.

Claire Wilson Wilson could not help but ask, “Mom, what are you doing? Why did you barge in without knocking on the door first?”

Elaine Ma quickly ran over to the other side of the bed before she looked down and saw Charlie Wade, who was fast asleep on the floor. At this time, she heaved a huge sigh of relief before she muttered, “I had a nightmare. I dreamt that you were pregnant with Charlie Wade’s child. Oh my g*d! That almost scared me to d***h. Therefore, I had to come over to check if Charlie Wade is sleeping on your bed! Fortunately, he isn’t!”

At this time, Elaine Ma massaged her chest gently as she said, “Let me tell you something, Claire Wilson Wilson. You must never let Charlie Wade up on your bed! Do you hear me?”

Claire Wilson Wilson was a little annoyed and she said, “Mom, Charlie Wade and I are already husband and wife. So, our sleeping arrangement is none of your business!”

“My a*s!” Elaine Ma yelled as she placed her hands on her hips. “I was the one who gave birth to you so everything that you do is my business! I will not allow a piece of trash to take advantage of my daughter’s body!”

Claire Wilson Wilson replied angrily, “Mom! Charlie Wade saved your life!”

At this time, Elaine Ma left one hand on her hip as she swung her other hand and replied indignantly, “Don’t talk to me about that useless piece of trash! I, your mother, have been living in this world for such a long time and the only thing that I’ve ever relied on is being heartless!”

After that, Elaine Ma said, “Claire Wilson Wilson, you have to be a smart

girl. The most valuable thing that you own is your body! With such a

perfect body and beautiful face, you’ll definitely be able to marry a billionaire after you divorce Charlie Wade in the future! Wouldn’t our family be living a good life then?”

Claire Wilson Wilson flicked her quilt angrily before she said, “I can’t

be bothered to continue arguing with you. I’m going to wash up now.”

“Hey, you kid…” Elaine Ma hurriedly chased after Claire Wilson Wilson as

she wanted to continue educating her.

After the both of them left the bedroom, Charlie Wade opened his eyes with a sullen feeling in his heart. This devil mother-in-law of his was really a terrible person! He would have no choice but to teach her a lesson someday!