The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 464

Read The Amazing Son in Law [by Lord Leaf] Chapter 464 – Kenneth was a little moved by the scene Jordan portrayed. “Is it that


Jordan replied earnestly, “Of course. Mr. Wilson, the magical medicine of our Weaver family is three to four times as effective as V****a, and the improved formula is even up to ten times more effective!”

Kenneth was extremely thrilled by the possible miraculous effect of the medicine. It seemed that his disorder would be completely cured in no time!

Jeffrey asked curiously, “Dad, if we mass-produce the medicine, we can

sell it globally and even suppress the sales of V****a, can’t we?”

Jordan waved his hand confidently and said, “Of course! Once the mass- production is up and running, men all over the world will be using my magic d**g instead of the so-called V****a. There will only be one male magic d**g on the market, and that is my magic d**g!”

Then, Jordan turned to Kenneth and said, “Mr. Wilson, I wonder if you are interested in investing in our p************l company. You only need to invest two or three billion, and you can get tens of billions of return within a year!”

Kenneth’s heart leaped as he listened to the remark. He was a businessman

after all, and the most important thing was profit.

If their magical elixir was truly as powerful as they described, it would certainly make a lot of money.

Kenneth smiled and said, “If the d**g is indeed as effective as you claim, I can easily invest one billion dollars into your company, but I have to see the effect of the d**g first.”

That was all Jordan was for from Kenneth’s mouth. He laughed and said, “Mr. Wilson, we’ll let you try the first pill that is produced. If you are satisfied with the result, we can talk about the investment later!”

However, Jordan didn’t know that Kenneth’s disorder could not be cured by

any d***s at all.

Moreover, although the formula of the so-called ‘magical elixir’ had been improved, the effectiveness and the harmful side effects that the d**g might bring were still unknown…

However, Kenneth couldn’t care less about any of that. He didn’t care about the consequences the d**g might bring if it failed, all he could think of was reviving his manhood.

He felt a little dry and thirsty from anxiety and wished he could take the magical d**g right away.

Finally, Professor Cruz had completed refining the magical medicine.

Under the centrifuge process, all the medicinal ingredients were separated, and finally, it was purified into a bowl of deep purple medicinal soup.

“Mr. Weaver, the new medicine has been produced!”

Professor Cruz took the medicinal soup and carefully placed it in front of everyone.

In an instant, a faint medicinal aroma dispersed into the air, making the surrounding people feel feverish and thirsty.

It seemed that the medicine was certainly as powerful as they claimed it would be!

Jordan smiled at Kenneth and said, “Mr. Wilson, please.”

Kenneth couldn’t wait any longer. He stared at the bowl of medicine with

fiery eyes, his throat dry and itchy.

He had had enough of the sexless life over the past few days. The physical and mental torture had driven Kenneth mad!

Thankfully, G*d had mercy on him and let him get a taste of the Weaver

family’s magical elixir!

It seemed that today would be his lucky day! He could finally regain his manhood today!