The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 42

Read The Amazing Son in Law [by Lord Leaf] Chapter 42 – Don Albertt was here! Mr. Wade? Who was Mr. Wade? Albert marched into the room and pounded Bill to the floor. “You fcking i***t, how could you not recognize Mr. Wade! I’ll fcking k**l you!” Albert cursed while kicking Bill frantically. Bill, who was so invincible and pompous earlier, was crouching on the floor yelping like a dog being beaten.

Loreen was genuinely bewildered. What was going on? All the men were also panicking. Was the young man actually Mr. Wade? They had almost laid their hands on him too. They were literally digging their own graves!

Albert growled at the rest of the gang “And you fools too! What are you standing there like stupid logs? Apologize to Mr. Wade now!”

“Mr. Wade, we’re so so sorry. We were a bunch of fools to not have recognized you! Please forgive us!” All the men knelt down simultaneously and apologized profusely. Bill was equally terrified. He slapped himself in the face while begging for mercy. “Mr. Wade, I’m terribly sorry, please forgive me for my rudeness and Spare me!” Albert slapped himself in the face too as a punishment and said nervously, “Mr. Wade, I’m so sorry for my incompetence that resulted in my boys offending you and your friends.”

Charlie Wade took a glimpse at Loreen and said calmly, “I’m just here to treat my wife’s friend to a meal.” He then turned to the rest of the crowd and said coldly, “They are not my friends.”

Loreen was completely shocked! Charlie Wade wasn’t bluffing after all. He did make a reservation in Heaven Springs and it was indeed the most luxurious Diamond Suite. The most important element of all was that this suite was reserved for him by Don Albertt himself! When she recalled how she had looked down on Charlie Wade before, her face blushed timidly. She was very ashamed of herself.

Meanwhile, Harold trembled in h****r when he heard their exchanges! What was going on? Charlie Wade the l***r was really Don Albertt’s friend? How was it possible? Wendy was equally shocked. As it turned out, Charlie Wade really did know Don Albertt! Not only that, but Albert was so polite to him! She then turned to look at Gerald again. He had fainted in the middle of his own blood at the moment!

The Don wiped the cold sweat from his forehead and said firmly, “Mr. Wade, don’t worry, this will never ever happen again. You can come to Heaven Springs and use the Diamond Suite any time you please. If my men still can’t recognize you, I’ll gouge their eyes out myself!”

Charlie Wade nodded and said to Loreen, “Hey, we’ve had our meal, so why don’t we get out now? It’s so chaotic and messy here!”

Loreen regained her composure by Charlie Wade’s voice and asked reflexively, “What about them?”

She was a little worried as she looked at Harold, Gerald, and Wendy’s miserable state.

Charlie Wade replied calmly, “Let Albert handle them.”

Albert said instantly, “Mr. Wade, don’t worry, I’ll call for an ambulance and send them to the hospital immediately!”

“Okay,” Charlie Wade nodded and continued, “I’ll leave everything to you, that’s all.”

Loreen, who was still in a daze, followed Charlie Wade out of Heaven Springs. Her heart was still thumping vigorously, her breathing heavy even after they exited the restaurant. She took a peek at Charlie Wade, who had an inexpressive expression on his face as if nothing had happened. She felt as if he was covered with a layer of fog that made him even more mysterious and profound.

“Charlie Wade, about today…” Before she could finish, Charlie Wade interjected in an indifferent voice,

“Loreen, I hope you can keep what happened today a secret, please. If Claire Wilson Wilson finds out that I’m connected to someone in the underworld like Don Albertt, she will be very angry.”

Loreen nodded reluctantly. “Alright, I understand.”

After Charlie Wade and Loreen left, Albert called the ambulance and sent the injured people to the hospital. Wendy sustained fractures on the facial skeleton due to the assault that resulted in a deformed face. It could be said that she was d********d now. One of Harold’s arms was completely broken too and he needed a long time for it to return to its functional state. As for Harold, he suffered a severe concussion due to the heavy blow to his head. Although he was out of danger after the emergency rescue, the subsequent effect from the brain damage would be his worst nightmare for the rest of his life.