The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 417

Read The Amazing Son in Law [by Lord Leaf] Chapter 417 – Loreen was very upset and pissed as well. She was the daughter of the Thomas family and there was no way she would take the blame so innocently, so she pushed the door, got out of the car immediately, and shouted back, “Hey, shut up! It’s your fault in the first place! Can’t you see I was reversing into the spot? Are you f*cking blind? How dare you scold me first!”

The young man did not expect that Loreen would talk back at him. He yelled, “Oh my f*cking g*d, another stupid female driver! Nine out of ten dumbest drivers on the road are women! Can you even f*cking drive? If you can’t, go back to your mother’s womb and learn how to drive before you come out again, don’t embarrass yourself like this!”

Then, he added, “I’ve just bought this car for a hundred grand and you’ve scratched it, goddamnit! How much do you want to pay?”

Loreen frowned and retorted, “Hey, first things first! I saw the space first and was already halfway into it when you came out of nowhere and tried to snatch the spot! It was your fault! How dare you scold me first?!”

The young man growled in great dismay, “What? Can’t I scold you since you are in the wrong? It’s justified! Besides, I’m not only scolding you but I’m also going to slap you!”

Then, the man stretched out his hand and wanted to grab Loreen’s hair.

Loreen was shocked by his rudeness and hurriedly backed down.

Claire Wilson Wilson shouted, “Charlie Wade, come quick! We need help!”

The young man glared at Claire Wilson Wilson and snorted, “Wow, such a beauty. S********h me tonight and I’ll let this slide!”

Then, he stretched his arm and wanted to pull Claire Wilson Wilson into his embrace, but his arm was firmly grasped by a pair of sturdy hands.

The young man frowned indignantly as Charlie Wade grasped his arm and

shouted, “Hey, where did you come out from, f*cking i***t? Let go of me!”

Charlie Wade swung his arm aside and said as his face darkened, “It’s normal to have some accidents on the road, isn’t it? Can’t we just talk this through? Why must we be so harsh and rude?”

The young man glared disdainfully at Charlie Wade and said, “Huh, I have nothing to say to you f*cking poor faggots! Three people in a broken old Mercedes that isn’t even worth a dime second-hand! Who do you think you are to be so bossy around me?”

Then, he pointed to his Maserati and said coldly, “You scratched my car.

Tell me, how do you plan to compensate for it?”

Charlie Wade frowned. “We saw the parking spot first, so we were here first and we parked first. You ignorant brat came out of nowhere and tried to steal our spot, so why should we compensate for your damage?”

“Why? Because of your f*cking broken car, that’s why! You have no right to park here! You’re not in the position to offend me!”

Charlie Wade smirked instead and said, “Well, we won’t provide compensation since it isn’t our fault. Let’s call the police then and let them judge. I think they’ll say that you are solely responsible for this misfortune and you should compensate us, do you understand me?”

The young man gritted his teeth and cursed, “F*ck you, shut up! Police, you say? Do you not think I can easily end your life with just a simple command?”

At this moment, a plastic-face woman with heavy makeup walked out of the young man’s car. She pointed at Charlie Wade and said contemptuously, “Hey you, f*cking l***r. Shut the h**l up, will you? Did you know I have three million followers on Facebook? If you don’t want to compensate us, I’ll post your poor friends’ pictures on my page and ask my fans to hunt you down!”

The young man put up a flattering and coy smile and said, “Hey darling,

why did you come down? Hurry and wait in the car, I can handle this!”