The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 393

Read The Amazing Son in Law [by Lord Leaf] Chapter 393 – When Kenneth thought about the fact that the disappearance of the father and son of the Grant family might have something to do with Charlie Wade, Kenneth could not help but feel very nervous.

If Charlie Wade could really let the father and son evaporate from the face of this world, then he was afraid that Charlie Wade would also get rid of him…

Moreover, since the father and son had already disappeared, he would not

be able to get his hands on Anthony’s magic medicine.

After all, there would not be any substitute for a d**d man and he should not do anything to provoke Anthony at this time.

As everyone was keeping silent, Lady Wilson suddenly looked at Kenneth in a flattering manner as she said in a humble manner, “Mr. Wilson, should we head to one of the big hospitals in Eastcliff instead? Perhaps you’d be able to find a cure for your illness then.”

Kenneth was the final life-saving straw for the entire Wilson family and Lady Wilson felt even more anxious than him at this time. If Kenneth could not restore his manhood, the Wilson family would definitely miss out on the remaining seventy million dollars that he had already promised to invest in the Wilson Group.

“Yes, Mr. Wilson. Even though Dr. Simmons is a reputable and famous man, he’s always hanging around that piece of trash Charlie Wade. I believe that there would definitely be other genius doctors who are more capable than him!”

Christopher also chimed in because he wanted to get into Kenneth’s good


As soon as their voices fell, the expression on Kenneth’s face became even uglier. He gritted his teeth as he said, “Shut up! I know what that b*stard Dr. Simmons is capable of! If he is unwilling to treat me, then it would be useless for me to go to any hospitals in Eastcliff.”

At this time, Wendy anxiously said, “Kenneth, is Dr. Simmons the only genius doctor in the entire Aurouss Hilll? Should we try looking for someone else instead?”

Wendy did not have any love or affection for Kenneth. However, she felt that she had already paid such a high price but it seems as though she did not get much benefit at all. How could she be content with this?

Christopher suddenly thought of something and he quickly said, “Chairman Wilson, didn’t you say that you have a friend who runs a p************l factory? Do you want to contact that person and see if he’d be able to help you out?”

The expression on Kenneth’s face changed immediately as soon as he heard Christopher’s words. He had been so focused on getting Anthony’s magic medicine that she had forgotten all about that.

The Weaver family in Aurouss Hilll owns a large p************l company and they were one of the most reputable names in the p************l industry.

Moreover, Kenneth had a very good relationship with the young lord of the Weaver family. The two of them often fooled around together. Now, he would probably be Kenneth’s last hope in Aurouss Hilll.

The young lord of the Weaver family was also a devil just like him.

If Kenneth were to ask for his help, he would have to start from this aspect.

At this time, Kenneth looked at Wendy with eyes filled with dissatisfaction and disgust.

He had already spent fifteen million dollars for this woman and he only managed to spend two or three nights with her before he became a eunuch. This was really one of the most expensive women that he had ever played with!

Since he had already lost his manhood, he could no longer engage in any intimate moments with Wendy. Therefore, it was useless for him to continue keeping her by his side. It would be better for him to bring her over to the young lord of the Weaver family so that she could please him instead.

As he thought about this, Kenneth looked at Wendy before he smiled and said, “Wendy, make sure that you dress up nicely tomorrow. I’m bringing you along with me to see a friend…”

It was rare for Kenneth to smile and talk to her in such a nice manner these few days. Therefore, Wendy was overjoyed and she nodded in a hurry. She did not know what was going through Kenneth’s d***y mind at this time.

The next day, the news of the disappearance of the father and son of the Grant family continued spreading around the city.

However, Claire Wilson Wilson and Elaine Ma did not pay too much attention to the matter because Charlie Wade had already told them that the father and son had absconded out of fear that they would be punished for their crime.

Since they were absconding, it was only natural for them to disappear from the face of this world.

Kenneth contacted the young lord of the Weaver family in advance before he brought Wendy with him to one of the exclusive private rooms in Aurouss Hilll later that evening as he anxiously waited for the arrival of the other party.